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The Willie Playmore Band 10-21-2011 @ Panther Mountain Inn

Located in Chestertown, NY, the Panther Mountain Inn hosts free live entertainment on Friday nights--as well as karaoke on Thursday evenings which I have not yet filmed. On oct. 21, 2011, the Willie Playmore band was featured & I filmed the show in full screen HD 1080p, edited & uploaded 18 full song videos to youtube at http://www.youtube.com/user/gmj2012?feature=mhee#p/u

The Willie Playmore Band (WPB) performs excellent classic rock music along the lines of ZZ Top, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Alabama, Tom Petty, Bon Jovi & others. Their covers of two Stevie Ray Vaughan (SRV) songs, Cold Shot & Texas Flood, were the closest covers of SRV I'd heard live, and the guitar playing was incredible considering no one has ever been able to perform at SRV's level. Their two best cover songs of the night, IMHO, were Styx's Renegade, in which their harmonies were so close to the original it was uncanny, and ZZ Top's LaGrange. The dance floor was packed all night in the larger backroom where bands normally set up. On this night WPB was recording the audio from their show & didn't know I'd be filming until I requested permission to do so, which they graciously permitted. Because my camcorder's sound ended up distorted on many of their very LOUD songs, I'm re-filming their show the next time they perform in this area. Meanwhile, the live videos will give you a great preview of how fantastic their performances are, how popular their music is to the patrons.

Starting at 8pm that evening, they were done by midnight or shortly thereafter, with two half hour breaks in between. Three guitar players and the drummer who also did lead vocals on about half the songs along with the guitar lead singer on the other half. Bass & 2 lead guitars, though one also served as rhythm guitar on some songs, I was impressed with their skills and professionalism. The bar was certainly crowded with over 80 people that night, all of them definite fans, and at least half dancing to just about every song, which made filming them a bit of a challenge, but as you'll see in the videos, I was able to focus on the band without filming any patrons, as is my style. I try never to film patrons since many are drinking & can not truly give informed consent for being filmed under such conditions, which they might later regret. Not that some didn't beg to be filmed even in their drunkenness, alcohol DOES lower the shyness & inhibitions, I will place my hand over the camcorder lens in order to keep non-band members from being filmed--as you may notice done in a few of these videos as women crossed in front of me to access the bathroom door behind me.

I highly recommend attending these live shows in Chestertown, NY for a fun night that won't cost extra at the door, no cover charge & some of the best music around. To see for yourself, view the videos at the link given above.

Gina Jordan AKA awolgina/gmj2012 11-18-2011


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