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Eric Peter @ Panther Mountain Inn 9/30/11

On Friday nights the local Chestertown, NY Panther Mountain Inn hosts free live music with no cover charge and a wide variety of musical styles. On Sept. 30, 2011 I filmed the show given by Eric Peter, one-man-band who performs everything from folk to rock & country music, on electric guitar & vocals (& harmonica occasionally). The show started at 9pm, I arrived at 8:30pm, and Eric had not been told he was being filmed, so I obtained his permission first.

He performed such numbers as It's A Sorry World Tim Wilson cover, Nirvana Come as you Are, Depeche Mode's Personal Jesus, Neil Young & other artist's cover songs as well as an original Eric wrote himself. To view the videos from this show, please visit the youtube uploads channel at: http://www.youtube.com/user/gmj2012?feature=mhee#p/u

Please be aware that there are sound issues in these recordings that I'm in the process of resolving with a new HD camcorder arriving next week. I re-did Eric's show on 11-11-2011 and had similar sound issues though not nearly as distorted as the 9-30-2011 show, and the lighting in the 2 shows after this 9-30-2011 show, was much better as you can view from the videos. I used full screen HD 1080p on the 2 shows after this one.

Everyone enjoyed Eric Peter's musical performance that evening, with dancing energetic if crowded in the smaller area where Eric was told to set up, which is not where larger groups perform. Eric brings all his own equipment & does all the setup himself, he takes requests & offers a tip jar which I've not seen contributed to yet unfortunately for Eric. In listening to his performance of cover songs, one is surprised to realize how close to the originals the sound & vocals are, despite not including drums & other guitarists, Eric has a unique voice & is very talented on guitar. Some of my favorite songs by him involved his knocking on his guitar between picking, adding percussion to his show in this simple but beautifully effective manner.

For a real feel for the show, view the videos at the link given above. Gina Jordan AKA awolgina/gmj2012 11-18-2011


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