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Eric Peter @ Panther Mountain Inn 11/11/11

In Chestertown, NY at Panther Mountain Inn, AKA P-House, Eric Peter, the one-man-band extraordinaire performed on Nov. 11, 2011, and I filmed the show on full screen 1080p HD. I had hoped to correct some sound issues with my HD camcorder, but the fix didn't improve much although the lighting & video are of much higher quality in this show's videos than they were in the 1st show I filmed of his performance on Sept. 30, 2011. [I've ordered another camcorder to test the Friday after Thanksgiving]. View the 18 full song live videos of his show at this url: http://www.youtube.com/user/gmj2012?feature=mhee#p/u

Eric Peter performs live with electric guitar & vocals, and on rare occasions harmonica, with a wide variety of song books full of great music he does covers of such as Tim Wilson, David Gray, Nirvana, Neil Young, Depeche Mode, folk & country music favorites. When I first went to film him originally I was prepared for a boring show, after all how good can just one guy sound? Was I ever in for a surprise! Eric Peter's talent & voice far surpasses any expectations and I had a great time despite being stuck behind the camcorder. Everyone danced, made requests which Eric fulfilled most of the time, some are impossible to perform in his style but he generally can find a substitute that satisfies as much or more than the original request would have.

In the future I'll be reviewing the shows immediately afterward, so the details will be fresher & my reviews more detailed. I suggest viewing the videos to get a good idea of the live shows I'll be sharing here & elsewhere. I'll keep you up to date on the live recording sound issues, hoping my replacement camcorder will handle sound better. If you have a live show, or even just a jam session of your band in your garage, and want live video to help you promote your music or performance, contact me for more info. I am offering these services free of charge for local gigs, and for non-local, travel & expenses in getting to & from your gig are the only costs involved, unless I happen to be attending that event for other reasons or groups, in which the expenses would be at most, averaged across each group included. [I live in Chestertown, NY off exit 25 of I-87 Northway.]

For fans of bands who know of a live show in this region, please let me know of the event with at least a week's notice when possible, and let your band friends know if you want to see them filmed yourself, as having samples of one's work online helps bands get bookings when venues can preview your work on such sites as reverbnation.com, where I go to research & preview local bands to decide which ones to film or not to film. This is also a great resource for fans, booking agents & venues, as well as for artists, producers & anyone involved in the music biz. It's a free networking & profile site where you can look up any band name in the USA & find them online, often with samples of their music, which helps one see which band to go check out that weekend.

Gina Jordan AKA awolgina/gmj2012 11-18-2011


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