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Survivor, night 3

8:11 p.m. So far, not much Sophie. I was having problems again with my internet, but I think I'm good from here on out.

8:12 p.m. Christine won Redemption Island, so I'm sure Sophie and company will not be happy.

8:13 p.m. So she hangs out at Redemption Island, they won't see her back with the tribe.

8:15 p.m. Checked out the Willsboro v. Lake Placid soccer game tonight. The Warriors jumped out 5-1 before the Blue Bombers made a crazy comeback. While Lake Placid didn't win, let's just say that you could tell it rattled their opponent.

8:18 p.m. Sophie and the crew just found out about Russell's family tree while their hanging out on the beach.

8:21 We are about three and a half episodes in, and there has still only been about three words uttered by Sophie. She has been in a lot of shots, but it seems like the strong, silent approach is what is going on in her mind - I think with my "this is the first season I really have watched the show in-depth," education.

8:24 Russell still won't give up the real reason why he wants Mikayla out. He's playing himself right out of it, I believe...

8:25 Sophie's first real commentary in the show. Something about walking the line between being a Christian and his blood line as a total jerk, I believe was the quote.

8:27 Sophie and Coach having a chat about Brandon. Sophie hopes Russell doesn't bite them. "in the butt."

8:28 Just a quick thought. I believe it was in the Untouchables, "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer..." Which one of those two in the last scene is doing that?

8:31 Interesting challenge.

8:32 Sophie is on the crank for the challenge.

8:33 I'm watching this from home tonight, and my 11-year old is loving the challenge and routing for Sophie's team. My son is being very quiet because he knows it's past his bedtime.

8:34 The kids are jumping up and down as Upolu moves way ahead before the last part of the challenge.

8:36 Sophie and Mikayla helping to solve the puzzle and that's the game - Upolu wins! Sophie is safe for the third weeek.

8:37 Papa Bear is either being foreshadowed to be eliminated, or there will be a twist.

8:40 So, Sophie is safe yet again, and there is no chance that she will get a vote tonight. The only person to vote for her - Christine - is sitting on Redemption Island, so I think it's time to turn in and go over these pictures from the games I went to tonight.


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