pvincent 1 year, 10 months ago on Voters approve Minerva, Newcomb school budgets

Newcomb superintendent makes it sound like they gave up so many teaching positions, but they didn't. They cut a couple of part-time, inexpensive teachers aides but, BUT, they HIRED two new full-time, very expensive teachers instead. Hults says he will have fewer teachers this coming year, but that's a flat out lie. He will have two more teachers than he had this year. The guys a con man. Hults cries poverty, but the guy makes a fortune in salary and benefits. More than any other superintendent in any of our schools. No wonder these people keep needing more and more money. They can't stop spending it hand over fist. And they justify it by saying its OK because no one in the town will have to pay the bill. Theyll send the bill to the rest of us who are trying to raise families and pay our bills in other towns around the state. These people make me sick.