Portland, Maine

ginazone 2 years, 2 months ago on Frontier phone, Internet down in Central Adirondacks

Hi, Internet went down around 10:20p last night, and stayed down until about 3p today. All Frontier service numbers were down, calls out were working from Chestertown, but apparently calls IN were not working since last night. The company story about it being a cut line today does not account for it being down since 10p last night, but you are the 1st place I could find any information online about this, including Frontier's own website which has no information about the outage. Thanks for posting, but I hope you will find out the real story behind this outage and keep us updated. From a slight bit of searching, it appears this is a frequent issue with this company and for those of us in the Adirondacks, this is the only phone company that covers our area, so we do not have a choice in choosing a better quality service for landline phone, at least in Chestertown, NY.