• Gender: F
  • Hometown: Chestertown
  • Location: United States
  • Occupation: Music Reviewer/promoter, writer/photographer videographer.


Politically active, digital content creator, writer & photographer, music reviewer & promoter, have lived in the region since 1987, used to work with Randall at Adk. Journal. Graduated from ACC in 1990 (where I'd worked as a radio DJ also) & SUNY Empire in 1998 with a short stint to Louisville KY in 1992 where I earned a Barber-Styling degree. I'm a Libertarian, animal & nature lover, 48, single but not looking, have lived & traveled all over the US & Montreal. I have strong opinions yet am non-judgmental & open minded. I've owned a barber shop in North Creek, then a computer consulting, web design & internet music & content creation business which I'm currently rebuilding after nearly ten years of severe disability. Have had a miraculous recovery after going off over 23 different meds in January 2011, all of them at once, turns out the so-called cure was what kept me disabled & ill! I enjoy live music of any kind, motorcycles, art, local scenery & events, reading & learning something new every day, character & integrity are more important to me than any other characteristic of a person.


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