Sarah_Fink 11 months, 2 weeks ago on ELCS faces budget, GEA woes

I would like to reach out to the Elizabethtown-Lewis Central School community as a member of an advocacy group that we have started after facing similar circumstances in Minerva. Our group is called Minerva CARES - Calling on Albany to Restore Equity for our School. We have started a website (found at www.minervacares.org) that we hope is a user-friendly way to educate people about the result of Gap Elimination on our school budgets. This is a North Country issue and one that is set to have grave impacts on our region if we do not work together to raise awareness both in our own communities and with the State. We would love to network with anyone from ELCS to promote advocacy, and urge everyone to visit our website, sign our petition (https://www.change.org/organizations/minerva_cares), and find us on Facebook/Twitter @minervacares.


Sarah_Fink 11 months, 2 weeks ago on Sarah_Fink

I would urge everyone in the Elizabethtown-Lewis district, as well as across the North Country, to join in the campaign started within the Minerva Central School community - Minerva CARES: Calling on Albany to Restore Equity to our School. Please check out our website at www.minervacares.org and sign our petition on change.org to eliminate the GEA immediately (click on http://chn.ge/1g6f8m1). This is a regional problem and we need everyone's support! We at MinervaCARES would love to network with anyone at E-L who would like to join in our advocacy efforts. For those of you who just want to learn more about school finance, our website is a great place to start.