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Crafty parasites | Notes from Planet Earth

Our general understanding of parasites is that they are generally small organisms that infect specific animals or plants.

Glacial/interglacial cycles | Notes from Planet Earth

Glacial/interglacial cycles, at least those that have occurred over the past million years, have been considered to be largely the result of the natural increases and declines in solar radiation striking the higher latitudes on Earth (those regions closer to the North and South Poles).

Personhood for Chimps? | Notes from the Planet Earth

Recently filed lawsuits, in three New York counties, have the potential to interrupt a variety of biomedical research programs.

Cooperators and Defectors | Notes from Planet Earth

Cooperation among individuals in human societies is well known.

Does Capitalism Have a Nature? | Notes from Planet Earth

In my June 2012 column I asked “Does Capitalism Have a Nature?” because, if it did, perhaps it might be mutable just as are other forms of life.

Notes from Planet Earth

Health Check for Our Nation

Notes from Planet Earth

Not so Lady-like Ladybugs

Notes from Planet Earth

Strange life in stranger places

Markets and Morals (or a Tale of Mice and Man)

Notes from Planet Earth

The effect of markets on human morals has been a source of debate and concern for centuries.

Notes from Planet Earth

It’s About Time!

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