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Hard Times Especially Hard on Children

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Currently, 23.1 percent of America’s children are being raised in poverty.

Talking to Teens

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Over the weekend, I worked with a teenager and his father to take down a carport.

Bullying Doesn’t End When School’s Out

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The threat of bullying does not end when the final school bell rings, signaling the end of the school year.

Celebrate Life Everyday!

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While everyone wants to happy, the pain of unhappiness seems especially difficult for young people.

Summertime, take it easy

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Summertime maybe our most memorable season as it is so short yet so fantastic.

Remember school times

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They have donned their graduation robes, adjusted their tassels and now they walk the last walk while Pomp and Circumstance plays in the background.

Parenting in Transition

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Not too many years ago, it seemed that there was a common understanding about parenting.

Cool it Daddio!

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Those words probably sounded strange to the parents that overheard these words spoken by teenagers in the 50s.

College Graduates Face Tough Times

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College graduates with bachelor’s degrees are increasingly either unemployed or underemployed.

Happiness Not Just for High Achievers

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Such is a line from a popular song that refrains with “there is life at both ends of that red dirt road.”

Holding On and Letting Go

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It was my daughter’s birthday this week and while she lives in another state, I spoke with her at some length on the telephone.

Role Models and Heroes

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Young children often see their parents as heroes as well as those that act as caretakers or as situational parents such as teachers, daycare providers and so on.

Try to Remember, it’s a kids game

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Sports researchers say that people love sports because people with talent or skills combined with determination and dedication can do very well in sports.

Will this generation sink under college debt?

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According to a recent USA Today report, student loan defaults are at their highest rate since 1998 and appear to be headed even higher going forward.


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Schandenfruede? Schadenfruede is a German word meaning pleasure derived from the misfortune of others.

Must safeguard themselves

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While parents, teachers, youth advocates, clergy, law enforcement and many supporting or focused youth agencies work to protect youth, in the end, teens themselves must be their own greatest protector.

Millennials Ready To Lead

As America’s political divide has widened, with middle-aged eyes mostly reporting on the apparent abyss, new research suggests that the generational biases in those eyes may have arrived at erroneous conclusions.

Whiskey in a can?

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Some time ago, I chronicled how alcohol producers were bad citizens for producing alcopops like “Four Loco” and others that were so obviously aimed at underage drinkers.

The cyber times, they are changing

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In 2010, 60-percent of college associate degrees, 54-percent of bachelor’s degrees and 60-percent of master’s degrees were granted to women. 50-percent of medical degrees and 48-percent of law degrees were granted to women.

Alcohol Industry, Bad Citizens

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When the alcohol industry developed and marketed sugary sweet wine coolers with kid friendly flavors like bubble gum and Cherry Coke, they had young people in mind.

Veterans part of our national treasure

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Several recent measures indicate that the majority of American students don’t know who America opposed during World War II.

Finding Your Bliss

A very long time ago, when I was a boy, I spoke with my father about mean people and I attempted to discover why people are mean.

Prescription drugs a danger

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Every fourteen minutes, someone in America dies of a drug overdose.

Close relationships hurt sometimes

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Everyone has been hurt or disappointed at some point in his life and that hurt is often caused by the people that one is closest to.

Winning is Just Human Nature, or Is It?

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Anyone that has ever coached a youth sport may recall starting off with great idealism.