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Bullying still a problem | Kids Count

A 2014 study on bullying revealed that in spite of a variety of anti-bullying programs at schools and in the community, the instances of bullying and its effects are largely unchanged.

High Cholesterol in Children | Kids Count

In 1960, about 10 percent of adult Americans were obese, overweight by 35 pounds or more.

Food Stamps Aid Children | Kids Count

In 2012, the Food Stamp program in America cost $78.4 billion dollars.

Distracted Driving Deadly | Kids Count

We are a nation of movers and shakers and we are all engaged in trying to keep ourselves from falling off our multi-tasking treadmills.

Our Food Comes From Where! | Kids Count

Over the past weekend I travelled with a friend to an estate sale and auction.

Community service | Kids Count

his week, America celebrated the life of Dr. Martin Luther King.

2013, not-so-memorable year | Kids Count

Gun violence in America seemed to play out almost daily on the evening news as yet another tragic story of a shooting was revealed.

Forgiveness, a Christmas Gift | Kids Count

I have been watching a documentary about the civil rights movement in America in the 1950’s through the 1970’s.

Music is Magic | Kids Count

Humans are affected in profound and transcendent ways by music.

Older and Wiser | Kids Count

As the Administrator of a senior citizen facility, it has been my privilege to be part of their lives every day.

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