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Experimental Learning in Jeopardy | Kids Count

Today, the experiential landscape of most children has been transformed from the days of my childhood.

Resiliency and Perspective | Kids Count

An eight-year-old boy arrives at home with a sad and distant look on his face because no one wanted to play with him today.

Obesity rates getting worse | Kids Count

An array of public health officials and researchers are forecasting that the current American generation and subsequent generations may not live as long as their parents and they may also live less well.

Parenting Teens | Kids Count

It is a profound understatement that times have changed.

Hitting other people is always wrong | Kids Count

Football is a violent sport where large powerful men have been schooled for many years on how to inflict physical pain on other men who aim to do the same to them.

Bullying A National Concern | Kids Count

October is National Bullying Prevention Month in America.

Alcohol smoking a new risk to youth | Kids Count

Smoking alcohol is a dangerous practice for any one and may be even more risky for young people.

Congressional generosity seems to go just so far | Kids Count

When the high rollers on Wall Street were about to go “belly up,” Congress acted to save the stockbrokers/banks who created the mess and got richer in the process.

The national debate over gun ownership | Kids Count

A national debate over gun ownership is heating up in America.

Both parents are important | Kids Count

Almost everyone would agree that mothers are vitally important to their families.

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