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Margaret Bartley

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Working on Elizabethtown sewer system

Guest Viewpoint

Elizabethtown has a history of economic ups and downs.

Elizabethtown 8-20-11

The E-town Farmer’s Market is finally filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. Many folks wondered if their gardens would ever grow after a long wet spring. Farmers were planting and some found their seeds rotted in the ground. The hot weather and sunshine of the past month has finally given the plants a chance to catch up.

Elizabethtown Column 8-13-11

Once up a time the Essex County Fair was held in Elizabethtown, next to Riverside Cemetery. Hand Avenue was then called Fair Street. In the 1850s one of the farmers who brought his sheep to the Fair in E-town was none other than John Brown, the famous abolitionist. The Fair outgrew its Riverside location and moved to Westport in 1865. This year is the 163rd for the Essex County Fair, and most E-towners will make the trip to Westport, August 10-14. Many attractions have changed over the years, but there are still horse-pulling contests, and plenty of farm animals.