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Anderson Falls Heritage Society opening | Keeseville Column

I’m very happy to report that the Anderson Falls Heritage Society will be opening on April 15 from then until late Fall.

Sportman’s Show | Keeseville Column

The Chesterfield Rod and Gun Club, 59 Green Street, in Keeseville, will be having their annual Sportman’s Show at the end of this month.

Ausable vs. AuSable | Keeseville Column

I got a quick reaction to last week’s bit on the spelling of “Ausable” from my editor here, Keith Lobdell, who as the editor for a local paper should know town spellings.

An evening with Ken Davis | Keeseville Column

The Wednesday March 12 meeting of the North Country Honor Flight was postponed along with pretty much everything else going on in the North Country due to Winter Storm Vulcan.

125 structures listed in the National Register of Historic Places | Keeseville Column

The Curling tournament hosted by the American Legion to benefit North Country Honor Flight has been canceled.

3-D Viewmaster reels of the Chasm | Keeseville Column

Don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead this Sunday, March 9, as Daylight savings starts again for another year.

A peanut railroad | Keeseville Column

The final film in the “Created Equal: America’s Civil Rights Story” series “The Loving Story” will air this Saturday, March first at 1 p.m. in the Plattsburgh Public Library with a community discussion to follow afterwards

Honor Flight Curling Tournament | Keeseville Column

This week the feature film in the “Created Equal: America’s Civil Rights Story” series is “Slavery by Another Name.”

Solomon Northrup: The Free Slave | Keeseville Column

Received an email from the North Country Underground Railroad Historical Association concerning a new film series at the Plattsburgh Municipal Library located at 19 Oak Street for the next five Saturdays starting with Feb. 1.

American Bald Eagles are back | Keeseville Column

My heart goes out to all the families that lost so much during last Friday’s fire in Port Kent.

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