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Ladies Tea “Upsy Daisy” | Bakers Mills News

Again we can talk about the weather. Guess it is the norm for now.

Feeding the birds | Bakers Mills News

Ron and Missy Allen, Julia and Caden went to New York City last Monday where Julia had to have heart surgery.

Explosion at Ticonderoga Mill | Bakers Mills News

This has been a very long hard week for so many people.

Birds at the bird feeders | Bakers Mills News

Barbara Ross is now a resident at the Countryside Adult at 353 Schroon River Rd in Warrensburg.

20 below zero | Bakers Mills News

Many schools were delayed this past week when the weather showed about 20 below zero in many spots.

Watching the ball fall | Bakers Mills News

How many stayed up to watch the ball fall?

Christmas 2014 | Bakers Mills News

Well, another Christmas is behind us and almost the end of 2014.

A very merry Christmas | Bakers Mills News

Shirley Cleveland called me to say her brother, Tim, was in the hospital for three days with five breaks in three of his ribs.

Unpredictable weather of the North Country | Bakers Mills News

Here we are in the unpredictable weather of the North Country. Guess that is why we want to live here because there are so many weather changes.

The Christmas Season | Bakers Mills News

It is the starting of the Christmas Season. Hope all the gifts you give will be out of love and not out of the feel you have to.

Happy Thanksgiving | Bakers Mills News

There is a lot to be thankful for.

Animal Crossing | Bakers Mills News

Wow! It has been three weeks since I have sat at my computer to try and send some Bakers Mills Info.

Hunting season | Bakers Mills News

Hunting season is here. Good luck great hunters.

Vertigo | Bakers Mills News

What a beautiful time of year. The leaves have turned such a beautiful color in our whole area.

School Starting | Bakers Mills News

It seems like weeks since I have sent the news but know it hasn’t been that long.

Hedgehog quills | Bakers Mills News

What a week this has been. I sure do lack sleep.

Earth tones | Bakers Mills News

Leaves have started to change colors.

Bad fire at The Glen | Bakers Mills News

Is it really summer? The weather has been crazy again.

Allen Antique Engine Show | Bakers Mills News

What a busy week end for the North Creek Area. Wayne Stock Vll was a great success at the Pavilion, There were a lot of authors for the book signing, many flea markets and garage sales plus Race the Train.

Tornado touch down | Bakers Mills News

Wow! Another crazy week with the weather.

Picnics and Barbecues | Bakers Mills News

Hope everyone had a great Independence Day.

Uncle Delbert’s big saw mill | Bakers Mills News

Quite a thunder storm last week.

2014 Baccalaureate | Bakers Mills News

The 2014 Baccalaureate for this years graduates was held at the North Creek Baptist Church on Thursday evening at 7 p.m.

Gig Run | Bakers Mills News

There was a great turn out for the Gig Run last week end.

Reflecting on your lost loved ones | Bakers Mills News

Berniece Conlon had a great visit with Duaine and Nancy Dunkley.

90th Birthday Celebration | Bakers Mills News

What a beautiful weekend despite the very early rain and being very windy.

Autism Awareness | Bakers Mills News

Jay Witham, gospel singer, is now cancer free and will be able to sing and preach again.

A small friendly community | Bakers Mills News

It is great living in a small friendly community when someone stops by it could be for a chat, bringing a loaf of homemade bread, fresh maple syrup or meals on wheels.

Boiling sap | Bakers Mills News

I think spring may be arriving.

Supper at “The Place” | Bakers Mills News

More snow. This winter that is no surprise.

Cancer Fundraiser | Bakers Mills News

March 15 is will be the yearly Cancer Fund Raiser at Athol Town Hall, in Thruman.

The price of fuel and electric | Bakers Mills News

There sure is a lot of conversation about the winter we are having and the price of fuel and electric.

Emma Parsons celebrates 94 years | Bakers Mills News

Courtney Millington took Earl Allen to Saratoga for his eye appointment.

Winter Vacation | Bakers Mills News

Many “Out of Town” Folks have been enjoying their winter vacation at many rentals in the Bakers Mills Area.

Old Man Winter | Bakers Mills News

Oliver Dalaba turned 80 on Jan 25.

Ladies Luncheon Tea | Bakers Mills News

More bad weather to talk about.

Cold weather across the nation | Bakers Mills News

Wow! We sure are having a cold snap.

Another icy day | Bakers Mills News

We all survived the big snow storm and now having another icy day.

Book signing at the Hudson River Trading Co. | Bakers Mills News

Thanks again to all the crews out plowing after the big snow storm hit our area.

A great quick and easy cookie | Bakers Mills News

Time to get your Christmas Cards addressed and sent to remind folks they are in your thoughts.

Sodom Community Church Christmas Program | Bakers Mills News

Thanksgiving Day is again behind us.

Thanksgiving Reflection | Bakers Mills News

The slippery time has started.

Big Shanty Trip | Bakers Mills News

What a beautiful fall Saturday for being outside.

Bakers Mills News

It was a very chilly Monday morning of 24 degrees. It is that time of year when most mornings will be frost on the pumpkins.

Bakers Mills News

Don’t for get the time change on Sunday, Nov. 3. Be sure to go to the polls on Nov. 5 to vote.

Bakers Mills News

Don’t forget, the yearly Hunters Breakfast will be Oct. 26 from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. at the Wevertown Community Center.

Bakers Mills News

Gore Mountain had a good turnout for their Harvest Fest over the weekend.

Bakers Mills News

The Warrensburg World’s Largest Garage Sale started Friday and was packed through the weekend.

Bakers Mills News

Kora Millington was the guest of honor on Wednesday evening to celebrate her 17th birthday.

Bakers Mills News

What another beautiful week. Wish this nice weather could last for several more months. Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend.

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