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A good number of holidays | Willsboro Column

The calendar indicates that this month has the shortest number of days, but it sure does have a good number of holidays:

The dreaded flu bug | Willsboro Column

The dreaded flu bug caught up with me this last week and when it does, it really can lay you low.

Valentine’s Day | Willsboro Column

I am writing this on Super Bowl Sunday. I think this is the biggest and best annual holiday for football lovers.

Half Moon Snow Evening | Willsboro Column

Well, even as we are still in the middle of winter and cold weather, there are still many things around the community to take advantage of — like the Congregational Church of Coffee House gatherings, open mic nights at the bowling alley and school basketball games, just to name a few.

Public election season | Willsboro Column

The weather is still winter-like, but several still came out to the soup and bread and dessert lunch at the United Methodist Church this past Saturday.

Our 250th birthday | Willsboro Column

Hopeful that everyone is thinking about some of the great times in our local history that we will be celebrating this year, our 250th birthday.

Small rural farms | Willsboro Column

It would seem that the rush and bustle is now behind us and many of us tend to make resolutions for the new year.

New Year’s celebrations | Willsboro Column

Well, it looks like another year has come to a close, and there seems to be that let down feeling.

The “Christmas Gift” | Willsboro Column

A big resounding YES to once again see that beautiful Christmas tree in the downtown park light up again after the snow storm seemed to render it into darkness.

Special Christmas Eve services | Willsboro Column

A big thanks to the town crew that did an outstanding job of lighting our large evergreen tree in the downtown park area.

The lighted Canadian Pacific train | Willsboro Column

The end of the calendar year is now upon us and many wonder how it got here so fast.

Annual Greens Tea and Lunch | Willsboro Column

This has truly been a week of thanksgiving for us here in this community.

Preparing for the Christmas season | Willsboro Column

The changes in the weather is a big indication that those end-of-the-year holidays will soon be upon us.

Adopt a Wreath | Willsboro Column

Halloween is now behind us and from all that I could see, it was a very quiet one here in Willsboro.

Election Day | Willsboro Column

Sadly, a good neighbor kind of service has come to a close, the service of making used medical equipment available for use free of charge.

Keep supporting our local restaurants | Willsboro Column

Ready or not, a week from today, the trick or treaters will be knocking on our doors.

Performance of “Peter Pan” | Willsboro Column

We think of this as a summer-centered community and you would think that we just curl up and hibernate through the winter - but we don’t.

Church News | Willsboro Column

Like many that I saw this week, we just cannot get our thoughts around the fact that the season is changing fast.

The voting public | Willsboro Column

Nature is fast showing their bright colors. Each day, there is more evidence that fall is officially here.

Getting our flu shots now | Willsboro Column

Well a recent trip to Plattsburgh sure lets one know that fall and Halloween is here.

250th birthday of Willsboro | Willsboro Column

Well, the calendar shows that in about 10 days, fall will be upon us.

School gala | Willsboro Column

When we flip the calendar to September, there seems to be a whole mindshift of what we need to get done.

Kiosk down by the bridge | Willsboro Column

Well we might be a small community but we have some big things take place here, like a break-in at the Willsboro Pharmacy, a car that ran into the side wall at the Country Store and pushed a cooler in a little bit.

Local Pharmacy Robbed | Willsboro Column

It is hard to realize that the heart of our summer is fast coming to a close, as Labor Day is only a few days away as you read this column.

Rabies clinic | Willsboro Column

A real change in the weather making it feel more like fall.

Country Music By the River | Willsboro Column

Things were booming in downtown Willsboro this weekend as a reinacting group did early military demonstrations on the lawn between the library and museum.

Ecumenical Vacation Bible School | Willsboro Column

When the stores and families are talking about purchasing back-to-school items, it makes me realize that summer is going by way too quickly.

AARP safe driving classes | Willsboro Column

Summer in Willsboro is a great time for family and friends to get together.

Warm sunny days of summer | Willsboro Column

Thanksgiving to Easter we long for the cold weather to go away and be replaced with those nice warm sunny days of summer.

46 of the High Peaks | Willsboro Column

Willsboro is really hopping with things to do.

Graduation thoughts | Willsboro

Activities really vamped up this past weekend.

Last week of school | Willsboro Column

This has been the last week of the school year so caution every one to be mindful that more young people will be out with bikes and playing games sometimes near the roads.

Heritage Museum | Willsboro Column

The weather was not great this past week but that did not stop people from turning out to the special events this past week.

Open House tours | Willsboro Column

The month of June is bursting on the calendar with lots of things to take in and enjoy.

Old American Flags | Willsboro Column

Wow, I have just returned from a great spiritual gathering for the United Methodist Church out in Syracuse.

Monument: General Ransom Noble | Willsboro Column

Well, Memorial Day is the start of our summer season here in the North Country and the time for many special activities to get under way.

Heritage Society help | Willsboro Column

Riding around the community, there are many lawns with a carpet of beautiful yellow dandelions, food for the bees and a joy for small children to pick without getting into trouble.

I Remember Momma | Willsboro Column

It was nice to witness how several people honored and celebrated their mother’s on their special day.

Happy Birthday | Willsboro Column

It seems that the calendar year is flying past much to quickly, when you read this Mother’s Day is only four days away.

Boston strong | Willsboro Column

The Easter Bunny traveled through town with no trouble and left off a lot of candy treats, much to the pleasure of our young population.

Heritage Society kiosk | Willsboro Column

Yes, Spring really seems to be here, longer, warmer days, snow nearly gone, mud, plants poking their heads up, trees budding, more bird activity and the Boquet River went out with no trouble so this is what we have been waiting for.

April fools day | Willsboro Column

April 1, April fools day sure seems to be playing the joke on us with this weather, this is not what spring is supposed to be about.

After School Youth Program | Willsboro Column

It is hard to believe that Easter is only four weeks away and this is the time we not only welcome the birds back to the area but we also look forward of the return of our families that depart for the winter.

Monthly Public suppers | Willsboro Column

This is the week that we celebrate the beginning of SPRING - now all we need is to wave a magic wand to make the snow go away.

Ecumenical Lenten Lunch and service | Willsboro Column

I really am feeling that spring is not far off.

The season of Lent | Willsboro Column

Here we are starting the season of Lent, this week with Ash Wednesday and then for the next several weeks that leads up to Easter.

“One on one” time | Willsboro Column

It is great to see changes in the weather, snow piles are shrinking, days are inching a little longer, more birds are showing up and a few tight buds are showing on tree’s and schrubs.

The new Senior Community | Willsboro Column

I guess the groundhog knew it’s stuff, winter is not over yet.

Ida Davis Atkinson celebrates 102 years | Willsboro Column

The weather is like a January thaw, but more winter is predicted on this Groundhog Day.

Putting Christmas to rest | Willsboro Column

I found this year that putting Christmas to rest for another year has been harder for me putting the decorations away, makes me think that next year maybe not to put out so many decorations.

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