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Heritage Society kiosk | Willsboro Column

Yes, Spring really seems to be here, longer, warmer days, snow nearly gone, mud, plants poking their heads up, trees budding, more bird activity and the Boquet River went out with no trouble so this is what we have been waiting for.

April fools day | Willsboro Column

April 1, April fools day sure seems to be playing the joke on us with this weather, this is not what spring is supposed to be about.

After School Youth Program | Willsboro Column

It is hard to believe that Easter is only four weeks away and this is the time we not only welcome the birds back to the area but we also look forward of the return of our families that depart for the winter.

Monthly Public suppers | Willsboro Column

This is the week that we celebrate the beginning of SPRING - now all we need is to wave a magic wand to make the snow go away.

Ecumenical Lenten Lunch and service | Willsboro Column

I really am feeling that spring is not far off.

The season of Lent | Willsboro Column

Here we are starting the season of Lent, this week with Ash Wednesday and then for the next several weeks that leads up to Easter.

“One on one” time | Willsboro Column

It is great to see changes in the weather, snow piles are shrinking, days are inching a little longer, more birds are showing up and a few tight buds are showing on tree’s and schrubs.

The new Senior Community | Willsboro Column

I guess the groundhog knew it’s stuff, winter is not over yet.

Ida Davis Atkinson celebrates 102 years | Willsboro Column

The weather is like a January thaw, but more winter is predicted on this Groundhog Day.

Putting Christmas to rest | Willsboro Column

I found this year that putting Christmas to rest for another year has been harder for me putting the decorations away, makes me think that next year maybe not to put out so many decorations.

Senior Assisted Living worship service | Willsboro Column

January weather has good and bad days, this week we went from a few bad storm days and one January thaw like day, now we are heading into some real cold days.

Good Samaritan help | Willsboro Column

In getting around the community and learning of the many great way that people reached out to many others over the holidays, makes me proud and happy to live in Willsboro.

Mother Nature reminders | Willsboro Column

I guess Mother Nature thought that we needed a reminder of just what winter was really all about.

Mother Nature | Willsboro Column

Wow this will be a Christmas holiday that will go down in the history books — at least for me, anyway.

White Christmas | Willsboro Column

Ready or not Christmas is here and looks like it will be a white one.

Battle of the Boquet | Willsboro Column

Well Mother Nature won out over us here in Willsboro this weekend, we got our first heavy snow storm and it kind of shut things down this past Sunday.

Special Holiday concerts | Willsboro Column

It seems to me that the month of December is just flying past, when asked if I am ready for Christmas and I look at the calendar and wow there are only 17 days left as I am writing this column.

Remember the true Holiday spirit | Willsboro Column

Hopeful everyone had a great Thanksgiving, and now we have four weeks to prepare ourself to pay honor to the great season just ahead Christmas.

Holiday Decorating contest | Willsboro Column

Our winter coats are feeling more welcome each day as the weather is getting colder and that white stuff is giving a light covering to the ground.

Seeking Christmas items | Willsboro Column

Well the report that I received on the election results after the absentees have been counted the winners remain the same as of the election night results.

Holiday Sale and Soup and Bread Lunch | Willsboro Column

A thrilling week for me this past week, it was wonderful to be a part of the election process this year.

Willsboro Column

The elections are now behind us and hopefully the most qualified persons are now elected to the job they were seeking.

Willsboro Column

My journey to Reber this past week I was surprised to find two traffic lights in the center of Reber, wow a whole new sections of roadway being installed near the firehall.

Willsboro Column

Halloween is right around the corner hopefully those out for fun will be responsible and not do any damaging acts just go out for the usual trick & treating.

Willsboro Column

Time does get away from us especially as some of us are in the aging part of life, but I recently attended a meeting where we are starting to plan for the upcoming celebration as the town is turning 250 years old in 2015.

Willsboro Column

We have enjoyed some nice fall weather days and it is great to see many of our trees dressed in their fall colors.

Willsboro Column

Regardless of the weather, fall is still a very active around here.

Willsboro Column

Well fall is officially here and the month of September seems to call us back into getting things organized for the months ahead.

Willsboro Column

The Fall chill is in the air and a jacket once again feels good.

Willsboro Column

Big weather changes, colder and some tree’s are showing a little of the fall colors. I am also getting mailings featuring Christmas items for sale.

Willsboro Column

A flip of the calendar and here we are into a whole new season; a season that very quickly takes us into a different direction and a much more organized one.

Willsboro Column

Wow what a great deal to turn 80 years of age, my family treated me royally as some 21 members of my family came together for a great meal at the Essex Inn on Saturday evening.

Willsboro Column

Things are feeling more like fall each week, morning light come later and it gets dark earlier, some warm days and cooler nights sure feels like summer is fast coming to a close.

Willsboro Column

Summer is flying past it seems at a rapid speed, and before we know it our summer families will be returning to their winter residence.

Willsboro Column

Entering our last month of summer, August looks like it will be as busy as the last couple of months.

Willsboro Column

Our community is very blessed as special persons make it their choice to spend the summer seasons with us;

Willsboro Column

These last three weekends Willsboro has been one party after another: Alumni gathering, big birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, retirements, things opening for the season.

Willsboro Column

Well one half or 2013 is now behind us and much more exciting things are ahead.

Willsboro Column

Summer schedule in Willsboro sure can keep one busy, the Paine Memorial Library activities alone are great an Art show starting on June 26 featuring Rob Ivy’s work and can be viewed daily through the week during regular hours.

Willsboro Column

Two lovely weekend days just in time to enjoy some great area events.

Willsboro Column

The long awaited chance to get a look inside the New Senior Assisted Living quarters is now available in the old local school is here, the open house to the public will take place on Saturday, June 15.

Willsboro Column

Summer just jumped right out of Spring with a burst.

Willsboro Column

Willsboro sure is coming alive with many different activities to take in.

Willsboro Column

Hard to believe that nearly five months of 2013 has slipped past us, but hopeful that you noticed all the beautiful flowering tree’s and shrubs, it has been a glorious spring.

Willsboro Column

Hope all mothers were treated well this past Sunday, I know for myself it was great as I was able to enjoy four generations of my family at the same table.

Willsboro Column

Great weather to start getting outside to do yard work or just walking, have seen several bikers going by, the sounds of nature are great.

Willsboro Column

There have been many signs of spring this week, the Boquet River is full and flowing down to the dam.

Willsboro Column

Wow, Wow this has been a great week for me as first I was able to see the improvements at the Smith House, the new paint colors, the waiting room has been redesigned, all very nice.

Willsboro Column

It is a welcome sight to see many of our locals returning after spending a few months in warmer climates.

Willsboro Column

Winter still lingers but the activities keep us so busy that we really have a hard time taking in all that we would like to take part in and enjoy.

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