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Heritage Society kiosk | Willsboro Column

Yes, Spring really seems to be here, longer, warmer days, snow nearly gone, mud, plants poking their heads up, trees budding, more bird activity and the Boquet River went out with no trouble so this is what we have been waiting for.

April fools day | Willsboro Column

April 1, April fools day sure seems to be playing the joke on us with this weather, this is not what spring is supposed to be about.

After School Youth Program | Willsboro Column

It is hard to believe that Easter is only four weeks away and this is the time we not only welcome the birds back to the area but we also look forward of the return of our families that depart for the winter.

Monthly Public suppers | Willsboro Column

This is the week that we celebrate the beginning of SPRING - now all we need is to wave a magic wand to make the snow go away.

Ecumenical Lenten Lunch and service | Willsboro Column

I really am feeling that spring is not far off.

The season of Lent | Willsboro Column

Here we are starting the season of Lent, this week with Ash Wednesday and then for the next several weeks that leads up to Easter.

“One on one” time | Willsboro Column

It is great to see changes in the weather, snow piles are shrinking, days are inching a little longer, more birds are showing up and a few tight buds are showing on tree’s and schrubs.

The new Senior Community | Willsboro Column

I guess the groundhog knew it’s stuff, winter is not over yet.

Ida Davis Atkinson celebrates 102 years | Willsboro Column

The weather is like a January thaw, but more winter is predicted on this Groundhog Day.

Putting Christmas to rest | Willsboro Column

I found this year that putting Christmas to rest for another year has been harder for me putting the decorations away, makes me think that next year maybe not to put out so many decorations.

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