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Memorial Day time of year | Willsboro Column

Hard to realize that it is the Memorial Day time of year — it seems the older we get, the faster the time slips by.

Honor our veterans | Willsboro Column

The grass seems to be growing very quickly and when your yard fills up with all those yellow dandelions, maybe it is time to mow again.

Fishing Derby | Willsboro Column

Spring and summer sure is welcome and what a delight to see all the flowering trees and shrubs all around town.

Spring cleaning | Willsboro Column

Spring cleaning is not only good for inside our homes, but also for the areas around the outside of our property.

Brush chopping | Willsboro Column

The calendar tells us that it is spring, but the weather conditions do not reassure us of this fact. It has been nice to see my neighbors out cleaning up around in their yards and the new growth is really growing.

Power outage | Willsboro Column

The rewards of spring are being felt each day — nice long days, warmer weather, the greeting each morning of the songbirds. It makes for a lighter feeling for most of us and I know I am enjoying it.

Walking and bike riding | Willsboro Column

Hopeful that we have now had our last snow fall and we can move into spring.

The real meaning of Easter | Willsboro Column

Weather sure has kept us puzzled about what season it truly is, with a wake up of a ground covered in snow and then by noon, it was all gone.

The Easter Bunny | Willsboro Column

Well, the weather seems to be improving so that the Easter Bunny should be able to make his annual visit once again this year.

100 years of high school basketball | Willsboro Column

This past Saturday afternoon, there was a very enjoyable program of remembering 100 years of high school basketball in the Willsboro School.

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