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Ann Lenox Barlow

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Checking off fall garden chores

North Country Gardening

Even though we have been enjoying some beautiful weather over the past few weeks, we know that colder weather is just around the corner.

Plants and believing everything you read

North Country Gardening

Every year, professional and hobby plant breeders are working on developing new varieties of plants for our gardens.

Humidifiers help humans, houseplants

North Country Gardening

I will admit that I am one of those people who always try to postpone turning on the heat.

Think twice about clear-cutting

North Country Gardening

Now the nights are crisp and frosty, it is hard to resist the temptation to go out into the perennial garden and clear-cut all of this year’s growth down to the ground.

Start thinking about spring bulbs

North Country Gardening

Now, that it is October, it is time to plan ahead for the spring.

How autumn leaves can be useful

North Country Gardening

For many reasons, I look forward to fall each year. Fall weather is ideal with the sunny days and cool nights. Then, there are the leaves — the beautiful, colorful, useful leaves. Yes, that is correct. Leaves are useful.

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How to handle the baldfaced hornets

North Country Gardening

Sometimes procrastination pays off. At least it did for me this week.

The scourge known as late blight

North Country Gardening

Anyone who grew tomatoes and potatoes in 2009 remembers how devastating late blight can be to your garden.

Planting fall butterfly flowers

If I were to ask you what a butterfly garden looked like, what would you visualize?

Try considering roses for your garden!

North Country Gardening

No other flowering shrub brings about as much emotion, especially romantic emotion, as the rose. In fact, 10 years ago, my husband and I were married at the renowned rose garden in Thornden Park in Syracuse.

Insects are an important to your gardens

North Country Gardening

When most people think of insects, bad ones come to mind. Fortunately, the vast majority of insects in the world are not pests and because every pest has a predator, many insects are beneficial.