Does red, white and blue mean no sitting for you?

No! I'd never sit on Old Glory. 0 votes


Yes! It only looks kinda like a flag. 1 vote


Eh, it's just a couch. 23 votes


24 total votes


ggnichols 3 years, 1 month ago

One thing I noticed about the "poll" taken regarding this subject. The questions are not really clear and don't, in my opinion, help with resolving this issue. And, as far as the article goes where it says that the Town Supervisor was open to further discussion regarding the issue, I would tend to disagree with that statement. At the following meeting, in April, toward the end of the meeting, Mr. Pearson attempted to bring the issue up again to the Board and in particular to the Town Supervisor, Mr. Leonard. He advised Mr. Leonard that there were representatives of the VFW present who would like to be heard on the matter. Mr. Leonard stated that if they wished to speak about this issue they could do so, with him individually, after the meeting was adjourned and that he wished to proceed with closing the meeting so that the attendees could enjoy their refreshments. This is not meant for private debate when it is being brought up at the Town Meeting. Anyway, at that private encounter, which I was present for, Mr. Leonard concluded, for everyone, that what is really important is how each individual views the piece of furniture and that he does not see it as a flag or representative of the flag, therefore, it wasn't a flag in his opinion. I find it odd that it is such a "patriotic" item and was made to celebrate our bicentennial, however, it is not representative of our American flag. Exactly what is it representative of if it is such a patriotic item.


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