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First gallery photo - Saranac Lake bucket brigade (10 photos)

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More than 175 people took part in "Mark Aid" the morning of Sunday, Oct. 30 in Saranac Lake, helping Mark Coleman move items from his Ampersound store on Woodruff Street a couple blocks up Broadway and Main Street to a new location at 52-B Main St., the former location of Borealis Color. The brigaders also helped photographer Mark Kurtz move items from his gallery, located along the way at 82 Main St., to the Art Annex on the second floor of 52 Main St. The event began at 8 a.m. and ended about an hour later, when participants congregated at Ampersound's new home for breakfast.

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Gail Brill (second from right) hands Andy Keal items from Mark Coleman's Ampersound music store ... (See all photos)

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