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Rouses Point Volunteer Fire Department
The members of the Rouses Point Volunteer Fire Department include: Ben Arno, Jeremy Ashline, Patricia Birkett, Jennifer Blair, Megan Boyer, Victoria Brunelle, Kevin Chagnon, Don Deso, Erin Duffy, Jeffery Garrand, Brian Hicks, Jason Juneau, Joseph Krone, Shawn Labombard, JJ Lafountain, Charles Lapan, Walter Laramie, Mike LeBlanc, Dan Letourneau, Gerald Marks, Brad Martin, Chris Matott, Eric Miller, Junior Moore, John Mott, Allan Nautel, Brian Pelkey, Jessica Pelkey, Anthony Piche, Camille Piche, Chadwick Piche, Scott Post, George Rivers, Dennis Roberts, Gerald Roberts, John Rodriguez, Vanessa Rodriguez, Mathew Rushford, Bruce Seguin, Jim Seguin, Anna Snide, Gordon Snide, Maurice Snide, Peggy Sorrell, Jedidiah Thone, and Marshall Zins.


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