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Peru Volunteer Fire Department
The members of the Peru Volunteer Fire Department include: Brandon Barnaby, Adam Besaw, Brad Bouvia, Amelia Brelia, Kenneth Brelia, Dave Brown, Samantha Clancy, Zac Cross, Jason Deso, Kimberly Devins, Sam Dimock, Alec Drucker, Bryan Duprey, Brandi Duval, Kris Eney, Luke Fessette, Chad Frechette, Ryan Garrow, Cher Hanlon, Amber LaValley, Rob Lawrence, Josh Liberty, Jim McConnell, Josh McLean, Johanna Meyer, Jerod Moore, Kevin O’Neil, Brandon Osher, Shawn Perkins, Lloyd Provost, Laurianne Rock, Kyle Spear, John Stafford, Courtney Tetrault, Greg Timmons, Brian Westover, Charlie Willer, Richard Williams, and Tyler Williams.


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