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Saranac Volunteer Fire Department
The members of the Saranac Volunteer Fire Department include: Colleen Barnard, Bob Birk, Jamie Breyette, James Bull, Coral Bunker, Jon Bunker, Nathan Bunker, William Bushey, James Canning, Keri Canning, Ryan Carpenter, Jared Chanowsky, Heidi Clancy, Linda Coryer, Bud Cringle, Clark Currier, Ethan Currier, Normand Dandurand, Gina Devins, Tom Doyle, Cheyenne Dupraw, Shawn Emerson, Wayne Emerson, Gen favreau, Torin Fittin, Zackery Fournia, Adam Friel, Jamie Giroux, Curt Giventer, Kirk Guynup, Matt Holmes, Marie Kelly, Scott LeDuc, Jamie Luczak, Mandi Mawhinney, Trevor McIntyre, Leonard McKenzie, Billy Perry, Brittany Perry, Joe Perry, Mike Perry, Todd Perry, Andy Petrashune, Chris Plumadore, Mike Plumadore, Megan Plumadore, Bill Premore, Kenny Rambach, John Reyell, Sandi Rock, Harold Ryan, Bryan Siskavich, Nelly Stiponk, TJ Strack, Nancy Allen, Amy Tedford, Blue Terry, Dustin Terry, Emma Terry, Scott Thurber, Hunt True, Don Uhler, and Josh Wood.


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