What was your experience of the Aug. 23 earthquake?

Asked at Elizabethtown, NY on August 24, 2011

Photo of Tara Robare

Tara Robare (Summer Teller in Champlain National Bank) says...

Nobody else was reacting. I felt the building shake. I didn't say anything because I thought I was going crazy.

Photo of Buzzy Rickard

Buzzy Rickard (Used Car Sales Manager in Adirondack Chevrolet) says...

It felt like being in a boat. Everything was swaying. Cars in the showroom were moving slowly, like when you're on the ferry.

Photo of Ellen Gordon

Ellen Gordon (Program Director in One Work Source) says...

I was sitting at my desk when my chair started to sway. The reception sitting ten feet away also felt it...At the same time, people from the second story offices came running down into the street.

Photo of Scotty Drew

Scotty Drew (Cashier in Grand Union) says...

My bed started shaking. Nothing was shaking on the walls. I had to ask my mom if she was moving something downstairs.


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