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Pburgh ushers in new mayor

Jim Calnon was sworn in as Mayor of the City of Plattsburgh on Jan. 1, and he’s doing his best to hit the ground running. He was administered the oath of office at the auditorium in City Hall by Plattsburgh City Court judge Mark Rogers.

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Three supervisors sworn into office

One of the new members of the Essex County Board of Supervisors entered his first elected office, while a second moved up from his town council seat to the chief administrative position and a third returned after a two-year hiatus.

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Cuomo: boost education, spur industry, promote biomass — and cut taxes

In his State-of-the-State speech Jan. 8, Cuomo proposed a wide array of initiatives — many of them targeting vital upstate issues.

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Cuomo property tax freeze raises concerns

Gov. Andrew Cuomo showed his fiscal hand two days prior to the annual State of the State address Jan. 6, proposing a two-year property tax free for residents as long as their political leaders keep budget increases within the state’s tax levy cap. Under his proposal, tax credits would be given to residents of any municipality where the government stays within the cap in the next two fiscal years which would, in essence, freeze their tax rate.

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New Ticonderoga town board makes few changes

Annual appointments look much like 2013

The town of Ticonderoga’s new administration is now in place, but residents shouldn’t expect many major changes.

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Horace Nye sale delayed into new year

Members of the Essex County Board of Supervisors approved the use of $128,000 from fund balance to operate the currently county-owned facility in Elizabethtown for another month during its Jan. 6 Organizational Meeting.

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Douglas returned to Essex County stand as chairman for fifth term

The Jay Supervisor was unanimously elected to serve an unprecedented fifth term as the boards chairman, with vice chairman Bill Ferebee of Keene being re-elected as well.

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Lewis heading toward hearing on Comprehensive Plan

Supervisor David Blades said the town has scheduled two more Comprehensive Plan Committee meetings to be held Jan. 8 and Feb. 12 at 6:30 p.m. at the Lewis Town Hall before moving forward with a draft plan for the public to weigh in on.

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New L.G. board member says town should focus on infrastructure

Minutes after her induction, new Lake George Town Board member Nancy Stannard says the town board should upgrade its infrastructure rather than acquiring property, which the board has already taken steps toward.

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Key posts shift in Warren Co. as new supervisors join board

With a Republican sweep occurring in Queensbury in the recent election, and a conservative turnover in Glens Falls Ward 4, several key policymakers were replaced on the Warren County Board of Supervisors. Here's a preview of who is now stepping into the leadership roles they held.

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Warren Co. chief: road repair, court space, more jail guards are top 2014 priorities

Zero tax increase forecast

As Warren County held its annual organizational meeting Jan. 3, the county's top official revealed his top objectives for 2014

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Essex County spending plan calls for over $18.6 million taxpayer share

Members of the board voted 10-8, or 1,758 to 1,163 in weighted voting, to approve the 2014 spending plan with a tax levy that represents a 13.35-percent increase over the 2013 levy of $16,461,016. The board voted earlier this month to override the New York State tax levy cap.

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Douglas seeks fifth term as county chairman

Jay Supervisor and current county chairman Randy Douglas recently announced he would again seek the top position which he has held for the past four years. Douglas also threw his support behind Keene Supervisor Bill Ferebee to serve for a second year as vice chairman.

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Essex County officials happy with APA land decisions

That is what four members of the Essex County Board of Supervisors felt made the difference in the Adirondack Park Agency’s Dec. 13 land classification of four parcels of land purchased by the state of New York from the Nature Conservancy, who had previously bought the same tracts from Finch and Pruyn.

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Essex seeks foreclosed land for water plant

Supervisor Sharon Boisen asked for a resolution during the Dec. 16 Finance Committee meeting to allow the town of Essex to purchase a property located at 288 School Street from Essex County for the cost of back taxes in the amount of $41,950.32.