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NY21 Editorial Board Meeting: Matt Funiciello (Green Party)

Green Party candidate Matt Funiciello opens up to our editorial board as the race for New York's 21st Congressional District enters the final stretch.

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NY21: Gloves come off in pugnacious second debate

The three candidates running to replace outgoing Congressman Bill Owens slugged it out in a contentious second debate on Wednesday in Peru, Clinton County.

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NY21: Candidates joust in first televised debate

The three candidates running to represent New York’s 21st Congressional District exchanged blows in a televised debate on Oct. 8.

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Janet Duprey (R) Plattsburgh 115th Assembly District | Candidate Column

In the first opinion piece, I wrote about my public service in County government and the Assembly.

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Crown Point invites public to hear new nuisance law

To do so, lawmakers have drafted a new local law specifically for public nuisance properties, which will be the topic of a public hearing in the Crown Point Central School auditorium Wednesday, Oct. 8, 6:30 p.m.

Ticonderoga Republican Committee seeks positions

The Ti Republican Committee is currently seeking individuals to fill committee positions.

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Warren County meetings now broadcast on YouTube & TV8

While it's uncertain whether it may prompt politicians to grandstand or boost civility, its virtually certain that broadcasting county meetings via television and YouTube will increase their attendance.

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Woolf: “Stefanik has to take an explicit stand”

Despite several weeks of setbacks that steered the race to succeed Congressman Bill Owens further into a pickup for the Republicans, Aaron Woolf, the Democratic candidate, said he sees a clear road to victory.

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Last-minute settlement resolves libel claims between two former Wbg. town officials

Both parties in reciprocal libel suits will have to retract statements made almost five years ago, days before an election.

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NY21: Funiciello takes resurgent campaign to Saranac Lake

Matt Funiciello, the Green Party's candidate for Congress, brings resurgent campaign to Saranac Lake.

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NY21: Woolf shifts into offense on environmental issues

Powered by endorsements, Aaron Woolf says he's the eco-friendly candidate for New York's 21st Congressional District

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Crown Point looks to further work on new justice court

The facility, located in the Knapp Senior Center, was recently opened for town court. Supervisor Charles Harrington said the town has continued to look for justice court grant applications to help improve the facility.

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North Hudson votes 80-52 to kill proposal to purchase former theme park

Voters torpedoed the town’s purchase of Frontier Town on Thursday in a vote of 80 to 52. Town officials, who voted unanimously to use funds from their general reserve fund to purchase the park earlier this year, hoped their acquisition of the former Wild West theme park would act as a catalyst for an economic resurgence.

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NY21: Candidates, incumbent spar over Sept. 11 comments, House vote to arm Syrian rebels

Wednesday's House vote to equip Syrian rebels has entered the discussion in the race for New York's 21st Congressional District

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GOP gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino: Bring back the Olympics!

Rob Astorino, the Republican running to unseat Gov. Andrew Cuomo this fall, has called for Lake Placid to be the epicenter of a transnational Winter Olympic Games