Letters to the Editor


See you at the show

Our Town Theater Group would like to thank the community for supporting the recent Seagle Music Colony performance of “Side by Side By Sondheim” at Tannery Pond Community Center.

Help pay for ‘playground’

On Saturday, July 19 and Sunday, July 20, the Governor of New York had another “Adirondack Challenge” event in the Park.

Liking the water

The Town of Warrensburg has done a great job improving the the water quality for those of us getting town water.

Elks continue to provide dictionaries

Dictionaries have united people through the power of words since they were created over 2,000 years ago.

Questions editorial

Your editorial, July 17 claiming “statistics prove that guns can and do save lives” requires some close examination.

Thanks to power company

Thank You to National Grid Ti Overhead Division.

Climate debate continues

There’s been controversy in recent months brought on by believers in Al Gore’s extremist views of climate who advocate that opposing views should be censored by newspapers.

Editorial got it right

Finally!! Someone gets it right.

‘Change’ to believe in

Last Sunday there were some of us who found ourselves at Sunshine Laundry with the quarter machine being out of quarters.

Thank You to National Grid

On Tuesday July 8th as many know the area was hit hard by a severe storm network.

Wash, sale a success

The members of the North River United Methodist Church would like to thank all who stopped by our car wash and bake sale on July 5th.

Thanks for support

The friends and members of First Congregational Church of Crown Point, N.Y. would like to take this opportunity to thank...

Appreciates the generosity

A sincere thank you to all our friends and family who have helped us get through the difficult time following the loss of our loved one, Tim Cox.

Imagination Library soon

Participation in Imagination Library will soon be available in our community.

Golf outing a success

On Sunday, June 22, eleven teams teed off at the Saranac Inn Golf Course for a great cause.