Letters to the Editor


Taxes over-charged

Please let me introduce myself, my name is Howard and my wife and I own a summer home in Ticonderoga.

InBloom getting info on kids

North Country parents, do you know that your child is a source of data and dollars?

Not much time left

World War II Veterans are dying at a rate of 700 to 800 a day, they are in their late eighties and early nineties, there are less than one million left, soon there will be none of us left.

Boys, girls teams Scholar Athletes

Congratulations to the Indian Lake/Long Lake Boys and Girls Varsity Basketball Teams for qualifying for the winter Scholar Athlete Teams.

Appreciates support

Another year has passed and I am always impressed by how much support I receive from the community.

Do not need more protection

Plato once said that the written word was prone to misinterpretation.

Ticonderoga police appreciated

Our family would like to thank the Ticonderoga police force and in particular Investigator Dan LaFrance for their outstanding effort and success in making our community safer.

Divided, puzzled

When it comes to gun safety laws I find myself divided about what’s right and what’s possible.

Conscientious team

Responding to the second appearance of “poor management” regarding the “Schroon Transfer Station Turns Around” in the Times of Ti, I would like to make the following statement.

Supporting community

Seven years ago the Elizabethtown-Lewis Chamber of Commerce contacted the Elizabethtown Postmaster about the possibility of having a Community Bulletin Board inside the foyer of the Elizabethtown Post Office.

Bill Orluk: a caring, compassionate man

I want to take a few moments to recognize Bill Orluk for the kindness and compassion he has shown to the people in the region whose lives he has touched.

Inter-Lakes cuts dental staff

In 2007, when I spoke with Kevin Haughney and Gordonna Blodgett about joining the dental staff at Moses Ludington Hospital, it was to start a new page in my life.

Editorial Missing the Point

I was saddened to read your recent Op-Ed in support of repeal of the SAFE Act, because it seemed to me that it quite clearly missed the point on what this legislation is trying to do and at the same time you seemingly glossed over the problem of gun violence in America today.

New report on smoking alarming

5.6 million children alive today will die prematurely from smoking related diseases unless smoking rates drop, says the latest Surgeon General’s Report.

CVS lauded

I was very excited to wake up this morning and hear the news that CVS made the decision to stop selling tobacco. J