Letters to the Editor


Make quit smoking a goal

It’s almost that time again. Time to reflect on the past year and time to resolve to do something differently in the months ahead.

Our Town Theatre Group sends thank-yous

From all of us at Our Town Theatre Group, we’d like to thank our Community, from all the people in Johnsburg, North Creek, Chestertown, Minerva, and elsewhere for helping us make our 2014 season a success!

Say hello to Ticonderoga Highway workers

Maybe you are having Thanksgiving dinner, or you are opening Christmas presents with loved ones, or the school bus has pulled up to deposit your children home safely.

Tis the Season

With the holiday season upon us we are a society currently expressing our best wishes, joy, appreciation, and the like to our fellow man.

Supports board’s cemetery effort

This is to support the Essex County Board of Supervisor’s efforts to take back the cemetery that was used to inter residents of the former Essex County Home.

Column embarrassing

The Publisher’s Column in the Dec. 13, 2014 issue of the Journal confused and embarrassed me.

Electric dependent

I don’t believe any of us realize how dependent we as a society have become on electricity.

Christmas thanks

A great big jolly thank you to everyone who attended The Magic of Christmas in Essex on Dec. 13.

Building will be named

As most of your readers will know, Hudson Headwaters will soon complete the building of a new, vastly improved health center in Warrensburg.

Winter pageant says thanks

I would like to thank the community for supporting the non-profit Royal Winter Pageant.

Christmas Bazaar a success

Thank you to all who made the 49th Annual Minerva Christmas Bazaar a success.

Editorial unnecessarily inflammatory

In regards to your recent editorial, “Essex Co. Digging Own Grave With Cemetery Takeover,” it is obvious that you did not know Vicki Dickerson when you concluded that this is a debate between two private citizens.

Shelters appreciate volunteers

Whether by careless adults who don’t look into neutering/spaying, financial issues or just plain neglect, wonderful furry companions sit [at shelters] and wait for them to change to show you love.

Thankful for dinner support

When so much of our attention and news is centered on financial despair, arguably created by greed and mis-conduct, I believe that a little good news goes a long way during this season of Joy and Hope.

S.A.V.E. praises government prevention

As close partners and co-investors in the Commission’s Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Program, The S.A.V.E. Lake George Partnership calls on Governor Cuomo and the Commission to continue their outstanding leadership and commitment to the health of Lake George. S.A.V.E.’s public and private members.