Soft maple cream | Essex Column

The Essex Fire Department and the Masonic Lodge are sponsoring a blood drive at the fire house on Monday, April 20 from 4 to 7 p.m.

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Lily and Hootie | Elmore SPCA

Come adopt us!

Anti-smoking ads do make a difference

Is anyone else disturbed by the Tips From a Former Smoker ads on TV?

Give yourself the best gift of all | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

Living in our free society has many perks and benefits. All too often we never really appreciate how good we have it until we face that unexpected event that could change ones life dramatically.

‘Dirty Laundry’ in neighboring county

Re your opinion regarding Essex County’s “Dirty Laundry”, be aware that the same type of “Laundry” is being washed in your neighboring County of Warren.

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Ski Tales, vol. 2 | Johnsburg Historical Society

When two old farts get together they inevitably start to remember.

Holy Week | Bakers Mills News

What a wonderful week for Holy Week. Every day was so busy.

March 2015 | Weather Watch

March 2015, for the second year in a row, was a very cold month with much less precipitation than 2014.

Reusable grocery bags or totes | Athol-Thurman

Now is the time to prepare items to sell at the annual Thurman Garage Sale!

Heroic young airman dies | Turning Back the Pages

Fifty Years Ago – April, 1965

Scrutinizing Town Zoning regs

Rumor has it that some folks on the Lake George Town Council are wringing gnarly hands over the prospects of lost revenues and increased expenses as a consequence of changes to the Town’s zoning regulations under a new Comprehensive Plan proposed by The Chazen Companies.

Journalism and tiny town

What a fantastic front page.

My fat thumbs and wardrobe malfunctions | Little Bits

My friends and family know me well. My faults are hard to hide. Those who read my posts are aware of my fat fingers.

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Katana and Jenny O | Elmore SPCA

Come adopt us!

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Adopt an adult cat for free | North Country SPCA

The North Country SPCA would like to announce our April adoption special: