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Supports land purchase

Trying to change the focus of a pertinent issue before an election has always been a ploy by desperate politicians and that seems to be the case with Mr. George Moore’s attorney.

August 2014 | Weather Watch

August 2014 was a very cool month, which was great for sleeping, and a moist month, which was great for gardens.

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One Hundred Years Ago – September, 1914

Bible conference | Athol-Thurman

Thurman Baptist Church will be hosting their annual fall Bible conference this weekend, Sept. 12 through 14.

Stony Creek News

Barb DeVoe passed away on Aug. 6 of this year.

Bridge closure information false

Please be advised that it has been brought to our attention that someone has posted information on social media regarding the closing of Stickney Bridge Road from 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. for the next couple of weeks for construction.

What is the cost?

To the Times of Ti: Dear North Hudson Resident, As most of you are aware there will be a special election on September 18th, regarding the “Ballot Proposition” calling for the town to purchase property from the county. There have been a lot of questions but few enlightening answers. As stated by our supervisor “this may be the most important decision our town will make in the foreseeable future”. It is not a matter to be decided without fully knowing the consequences of mere speculation. I hope that you will take the time to read this letter and maybe gain a little insight into what is at stake here. FACTS The property contains four parcels totaling 88.68 acres with an assessed value of over a half million dollars ($568,000.00) Parcel #125.1-1-12.134 does not include acreage and is only “Water Rights-Water Supply”. Most of the property is behind the A-Frame and includes the defunct park. Some of it is on Route 9 and includes the motel, Belle’s Restaurant. the brown house, and the warehouse. These buildings have been condemned by the town. Much of the land is considered “wetlands”. There has been a lot of talk, and confusion, about the A-frame (this is the most desirable piece of property for business). Please be aware this property is NOT included in the proposition. It is currently owned by George Moore of Keeseville who has paid upwards of $100,000.00 in taxes since he purchased it at auction. “This piece IS NOT included in the potential land acquisition”. COST TO TAXPAYERS IF ACQUIRED To our knowlege, there have been no marketing, cost, or feasibility studies. Without such in depth studies, there is no way of knowing exactly how much this will cost the taxpayers of North Hudson. At this point, anything said is speculation and should be taken lightly. Here are some of the cost we must seriously think about before agreeing to the land purchase. Initial cost of the land - at this point the cost is $60,000 but it is not known if the town must pay interest, fees, and penalties Demolition and disposal of condemned buildings - cost unknown and depends on whether the buildings contain lead paint, asbestos or other contaminates - not to mention what may be underground in other areas of land Marketing and feasibility studies - one time cost - unknown Creation and upkeep of recreational trails - it is not known who will maintain and groom the trails - if it is the highway department, do they have the time and equipment - continuous cost of maintainence and equipment -unknown Removal from the tax rolls - If the town is allowed to acquire these lands, they will be removed from the rolls indefinately. Ron Moore stated it could take 15-20 years before we see any income from this property - continuous cost-unknown (estimated we will lose almost $100,000.00 in tax revenue over the next ten years). Litigation - The land we are voting on is currently in litigation. This land went to auction and there was a high bidder (North Hudson DID NOT BID at auction). That bidder has filed suit and it remains in court. Can North Hudson afford to be included in that suit? IS North Hudson already involved in this suit (is this the “litigation” for which the board meets in executive session)? After costly litigation, we could still lose the proposed lands - cost-unknown PROPOSED LAND USE There has been no clear designation as to the use of these lands. The town has covered all bases by claiming some will be used for recreational trails and some will be used for business interest. RECREATION - In addition to the 240 acres already owned by the town, they recently acquired 130+ acres of former Frontier Town woodlands. That is over 370 acres forever removed from the tax roll. This should be enough land for the “Grafton Trail Riders”. If this is not suitable, the state has recently purchased thousands of acres for recreational use. In fact “69,000 acres will become part of the “forever wild” Forest Preserve. As the properties come into state ownership, the State will develop recreational plans and determine classifications of the lands to encourage public access and appropriate use of the properties while also protecting their outstanding natural resource values.” How much more land do we really need for recreational use? We can become the largest “playground” in the Adirondacks but who will benefit from that?.....motels and businesses in Schroon Lake and surrounding areas. Who will pay for that?....North Hudson. Where is the cut-off for the great “recreational use, land connector”? BUSINESS - Although it is clear the town wants complete control over the business interest of these properties, once removed from the rolls, the town can not just “sell” it to whom ever they choose. There are strict guidelines and rules pertaining to municipal land transactions. As of yet, we don’t know the process and assume the town doesn’t either. Government processes are known for their “red tape”. Are we willing to carry the burden for the next 20 years? “Can” we carry the burden? This is not prime property for business. We’ve all watched these properties decay or sit on the market for long periods of time. Why are we assuming town “intervention” will be our saving grace when they clearly have no definitive plan? As you can see there are many things to consider. What is listed here is just the obvious. We haven’t even touched on the unanticipated (cost or regulations governing municipal lands). This could have devastating effects on the future of our little town. Once we take that road, there is no going back. Please let your voice be heard on election day - get out and vote on September 18th, between 12pm and 8pm. If you can’t vote in person, please request an application for an absentee ballot. Ballots will be counted at the close of polls that night. Angela Nolan North Hudson

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On Saturday, Sept. 13, the movie series at the Whallonsburg Grange begins its fall run with “The Railway Man” starring Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth.

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No cost adoption | North Country SPCA

The North Country SPCA would like to announce that we have certified, “pre-owned” adult cats available for adoption at no cost during the month of September!