End neglect of Furnace Point Lane

Normandie Beach Resort is located north of the village of Westport on Furnace Point Lane, just off of Lakeshore Road en route to Essex.

Horses | Little Bits

When I was little and ran up to my dad, begging for something we couldn’t afford, he would raise his huge hands and say, “Hold your horses. Let’s talk about it.” What is there about mankind and horses?

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Jack Jay, Robber Jay | Notes from the North Woods

Last weekend, I witnessed a fairly large bird repeatedly attack a group of smaller birds at my feeder.

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Ice/cold water training on Bulwagga Bay | Conservation Conversations

It may not seem like spring will ever get here, but in time, Lake Champlain will thaw and pose a potential danger. Ice fishermen, dog walkers, cross country skiers and cold water wanderers of all sorts, can become victims if they break through thawing or rotten ice.

The indomitable emerald ash borer | Essex Column

On Saturday, March 7, the Champlain Valley Film Series presents its premier event of the year, the screening of Oscar nominated short films.

The frozen falls at Ausable Chasm | Keeseville & Ausable Forks Column

I received an email from MaryAnne Goff from the Keeseville Free Library.

Tai Chi for Balance | Elizabethtown Social Center

The Elizabethtown Social Center is excited to reintroduce their weekly column to inform the community about Center news and activities.

Summer garden plots | Willsboro Column

Most of us are very eager for some signs of a big change in our weather.

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Valentino and North | Elmore SPCA

Come adopt us...

Happy 90th Birthday, Irene! | Guest Viewpoint

“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Irene, Happy Birthday to you.”

School buildings should be more accessible | Editorial

Small communities throughout the North Country have one commonality — their center of community is anchored by a stately, often historic school facility where a bedrock of learning has long been fused with the laughter of children.

Letter contained veiled agenda

I read with dismay James Bullard’s letter in the Feb. 28 issue of Valley News on the subject of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s forthcoming address to Congress.

Still not so affordable health care | Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

Last year I stated the hand writing has been on the wall for some time. That our great fears are coming to pass and no one is taking the proper steps to fix what is clearly a bad and ill conceived law.

Bauer off base on how to protect

In your Feb. 21 edition of the Valley News, Peter Bauer wrote a detailed defense of Protect’s lawsuit of the APA’s approval of the ACR’s development near Tupper Lake.

French language cuts are a mistake

On Thursday Jan. 29, Quebec Minister of International Relations Christine St-Pierre pointed out that in 2013, the total value of trade between Quebec and New York State was nearly 6.7 billion U.S. dollars.