Upset with vote

To the News Enterprise:

I am an alumni of Minerva Central School and it sickens me to know that there were 142 people that were cowards, that voted to rob their kids of an education here at this iconic and historic place that is the fabric of this small town and that just makes me very angry as well. Second, this school is in the top five of schools to have some of the highest graduation rates in the state and if this fails again then we lose as a town and also we will lose a piece of history as well as we will lose this school forever. Third, back when I was here the things that this school provided me with is a testament to what this school does daily for the kids that come here so we as a community need to stand up and fight with everything we got to get this done so our kids that come here can get a better education and can be very productive members of this state and of this town.

People, on June 17, let’s do the right thing this time and in the word of Larry the Cable Guy, “lets getter done,” for the students of this school. We are Minerva Mountaineers.

Christopher “Hawkeye” Bennett


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