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To the Times of Ti:

I recently read an article in the Times of Ti regarding the Ticonderoga School budget. In the article it was noted an Advance Placement 11th Grade English Teacher would still be on part-time. This teacher was referred to by her last name only. How tacky was that? Did the person doing the article not know the teacher had a first name?

My next question is, “Why is this Advance Placement English Teacher still going to be on half-time?” I am not the only one wondering this. I have had people ask me this question. I tell them to go to the Board of Education. I have noticed in my 80 odd years that people like to complain, but do nothing about the problem.

Again, I ask this question, “Why is this Advance Placement 11th Grade English Teacher still on half-time?” This person not only teaches the AP English course for college credit, she also teaches an English class to prepare all Juniors for the New York State Regents exam which they have to pass in June in order to graduate. This sounds like a huge responsibility placed on a half-time teacher. I have heard this is because of numbers. Really? There is a full time 9th grade English Teacher and a full time 10th grade English Teacher. Do some of the 10th grade English Pupils just disappear over the summer before they go into 11th grade? I don’t think so. This half-time 11th grade Advance Placement English Teacher has had three large classes each year for the last two years. She does not have sufficient time to help students who need it. Consequently, the bulk of her work, all her correcting of papers and her planning are done at home on her own time. This teacher has been working hard in this half-time situation for the last two years with the promise of “you are slated for full-time when possible.” Now, the decision to keep this position on half-time for another year. Is this fair to the students? Is this fair to the teacher? I don’t think so.

I think it is time for the Board of Education to reconsider their decision to keep this a half-time position and fulfill that promise!

Gilda B. Namer


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