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I received an email from the Elizabethtown Community Hospital informing me that the Hospital has reached an agreement with Dr. Richard Bremer to assume his practice in AuSable Forks pending his retirement this summer. Hospital staff will begin seeing patients in Dr. Bremer’s location on July first pending State approval. Plans are to either renovate an existing structure or build a new health center in town.

Don’t forget that the Chesterfield Fish and Game Club have many great activities available. Check out their website at chesterfieldrange.com for more information.

I did get a chance to visit Wickham Marsh this past weekend and saw several geese resting among the marshes. I had a reader very correctly inform me that the correct term is ‘Canada Geese’ not ‘Canadian Geese’. A subtle difference but still important, and as someone who has dedicated his life to studying and teaching the English language, I do appreciate the correction. Thanks.

I set up a new bird feeder right outside my office window, so I have a new distraction to keep me from writing. So far not many have ventured over to the other side of the house but they will come I’m sure. My cat and I had a hysterical time watching a chipmunk chase another chipmunk and baby squirrel who were trying to eat seeds on the ground around my first feeder. The chipmunks plowed right into a mourning dove actually knocking the poor bird over. The surprised mourning dove just got back up and continued eating as the chipmunks and squirrel settled down and began stuffing their faces. My cat was very amused. I’m happy to report while writing this one of the chipmunks has found all the seed that I left on the ground around my new feeder, a very pleasant distraction for me, but you reading this means I did get my column in on time. Visit my website at www.kylempage.wordpress.com for more details as well as links to my column here and other writings I have. Have a great week.

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