Doheny a ‘carbon copy’

To the Times of Ti:

After reading the article about Matt Doheny’s new run for Congress I came away wondering what could the taxpayer expect from someone who twice couldn’t control himself and paid fines for two, “boating-under-the-influence” incidents! This in itself should disqualify Mr. Doheny as it shows poor judgment. We already have enough people serving in Congress with poor judgment and we need another one like a hole in the head!

Voters only have to listen to Doheny’s take on healthcare to see he doesn’t know the needs of ordinary citizens. He states that if elected he aims to “roll back” the Affordable Care Act! This means hundreds of thousands of college students will lose health insurance because their parents won’t be able to keep them on their policies. It also means millions of people on Medicare will be paying more for needed medications as well as co-pays. Those with pre-existing conditions will have to go back to not being able to be insured or forced to pay exorbitant rates with high deductibles. If this is what people want Doheny will certainly make sure they get it.

He has much to say about Medicare but nothing to say when it comes to supporting it. His answers are in lock step with the likes of those who want to put Medicare out of sight for young people who have paid into the system.

I would ask Mr. Doheny if he has a plan to put in place if is elected and he and his fellow Republicans succeed in repealing the Affordable Care Act? With so many Americans living at the poverty level how will they get healthcare when needed? Will those that lose their homes due to catastrophic illness be given any form of help? Republicans have told us since 2010 when the Affordable Care Act became law, that those on Medicare Advantage plans would either lose them or that co-pays would skyrocket! I, and many of my family and friends have been on Medicare Advantage Plans and nobody I know has lost their plan or had big changes. In point of fact my co-pays have decreased over the past 4 years!

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