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One Hundred Years Ago May, 1914

Bull is still out of the pen

Charles D. Bull, of Lake George, who is under a suspended sentence of five years in Dannemora Prison and who disappeared from that place about a year ago after breaking his parole by committing a second crime, was taken into custody by Under Sheriff Mac R. Smith, Saturday, May 1, 1914 in Saratoga Springs.

Bull was indicted for stealing goods from the store of Homer Selleck, of Lake George, pleaded guilty and was given a suspended sentence. Later it was alleged that he forged the name of the Schermerhorn Construction Company to several checks. He was arraigned before Judge Raley and his suspension of sentence was revoked. He was remanded to the county jail for a week to give the judge time to decide what should be done with him.

The young fellow has been in various scrapes at Lake George. He comes from a reputable family, but has some sort of a kink in his mental makeup which seems to make it impossible for him to keep out of trouble. After cashing the forged check he disappeared from Lake George and was only recently located by Under Sheriff Smith in Saratoga who went there after him.

The company whose money this young man is alleged to have illegally procured did not care to press a charge, therefore Judge Raley concluded that it would be well to continue the suspension of the sentence so long as Bull continues to support his wife and four small children.

Fisticuffs at Hague

A three cornered noisy row and assault occurred at Hague on Monday afternoon, in which Dennis Davis and Edward Yaw were the combatants, is being investigated by the Grand Jury now is session at Lake George. It is stated that Yaw became engaged in an altercation with Dennis Davis’ father, an aged man, and was chocking him severely when Davis took a hand and struck Yaw with a club breaking three of his ribs, one of which punctured the man’s lung. Dr. Cummings, of Ticonderoga, attended Yaw, whose injuries, though severe, are not necessarily dangerous.

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