Stand up for rights

To the Adirondack Journal:

The time for us as citizens to stand up for our rights and the rights of all citizens. Two court decisions-The Citizens’ United one and the recent McCutheon decision have now made it possible for the rich and powerful of the population to control elections with their money. Chief Justice Roberts and those others who by their decision struck down limits clearly did not understand what our forefathers and fore mothers intended long ago. Chief Justice Roberts may claim to be a strict constitutionalist. But in my opinion he and the other justice have rewritten the constitution for destructive purposes. I find it alarming and very troubling that people we entrust with power could be so blind or uncaring of the realities of our society today. Our ancestors could not have for seen how through the mass media and otherwise individuals and corporations could seek to control the elections and steal the power from we as ordinary citizens. So now we must all act and let our elected representatives and the other leaders in Congress know our convictions and urge them to pass legislation that will prevent the misuse of power and money. Unless we do this, we will more and more as a nation become the United States of Corporate America.

David H. Schlanksker


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