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Yes, this is another addition to the road trip series, presenting you with places to go and see, and things to do. Hopefully we can all learn something new along life’s highway.

Fly Fishing

Trout season starts very soon. The waters around our neck of the woods, will likely still be in the hard state, so traveling south is a viable option. Check out the Farmington River in Connecticut and the trout streams in Pennsylvania. As Buffet says’ “a change of latitude, and change of attitude”! Lower elevation streams will warm sooner than high mountain or hill streams so check out a stream guide before you venture out. You will get water temps, flows in CFS and suggested flies to use. With the storm systems that have hit the mid -south section of the east, you have got to check ahead to find the stream conditions, this won’t be an average year.

Rainbow trout will be doing their thing very soon, so check out the Salmon River and other Lake Ontario tribs, as well as the tribs to Lake Erie and other inland lakes and streams that have “bow” runs. Lake Ontario doesn’t freeze over, and the climate along the lake is a little mellower than we have, so it would be a good first choice. According to my western NY sources, Lake Erie is solid, and snow still covers the ground near the Cattaraugus. So things may get hopping a few weeks later little late this year. Then again, Mother Nature can throw another curve ball and we can go to instant summer and things will change fast. Once we get a few warm rains and the streams come up, get your waders on and be prepared for some combat fishing!

April, 16, 2014- Lake Champlain’s Trout Unlimited Chapter will have a fly casting seminar to show new stream fishing water whippers how to cast a fly line and fly with finesse. Trout Unlimited, TU, will have rods and reels on hand, so both young and old can learn the beauty of fly fishing. The class is open to anyone 12 years and older, and parents are encouraged to participate with their children, fishing is a family event. For more information, contact Janice Opal at jopal@charter.net

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