Climate change is a reality

To the Editor:

The February 21 Charles Krauthammer Op-Ed piece, “Observing ‘Settled Science’” published in the area daily newspaper adjacent to the “NOAA: Temperatures Broke Records” was a real disappointment to me. When I opened the newspaper, I began with NOAA’s scientific article and read the data telling us the earth has had nearly 30 years of above-average monthly temperatures in a row.

“Good!” I thought. Our press is starting to help educate its readers about the facts of climate change. Then I get to Krauthammer’s piece which attempts to poke holes in climate science, suggesting that scientists get brainwashed into climate-science ideologies after sitting in front of computer screens for ten years.

There’s other hogwash in the article, but the real sadness is that The Post-Star would allow real science, urgent science, to be whitewashed by a journalist’s opinion. I’ll go with the 98 percent of the world’s scientists who blame our changing climate on humans, and I’m hoping The Post Star will do the same.

Climate Change is a complex topic compounded by the sad reality that this beautiful planet Earth we know and love is being changed before our eyes. We read daily about extreme weather, drought, flooding, rising sea level, disappearance of the arctic ice cap, crop failure, etc, and most of us know deep down humans are the source of these changes.

Frankly, the prognosis for our planet is bleak, and to help correct or minimize the damage, we must encourage the media to not allow the science of climate change to be compromised by opinion pieces of misinformed, scientifically illiterate writers. Too much is at stake to do otherwise.

Stephen Danna


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