Taxes over-charged

To the Times of Ti:

Please let me introduce myself, my name is Howard and my wife and I own a summer home in Ticonderoga. Almost three years ago we received our tax bill, as in past, and as all residents know the taxes have been going up on a regular basis.

I had called the tax assessor Patty Osier and in doing so she explained to me that the taxes were based on your land and home values. She continued to explain that we owned 99 feet on Lake George. I stopped her and said that we owned 66 feet, not 99 feet. She then looked at her maps and said, “Oh, I’m sorry. I looked at the map upside down, yes you do have 66 feet and not 99.”

She than corrected the tax papers. I asked if I had been paying all along on 99 feet and she couldn’t answer me at that time but would research the issue. She then said that we should have realized and made mention earlier.

If you look at any tax bill there is no mention of how many feet you your being billed for, only the amount of land you own, i.e. one acre and so on. She then explained to me that we need to fill out the proper forms and to submit them to her office for the refund. I did just that and the forms sat there for almost a year,.I had called, wrote letters, even mailed letters to the town supervisor, Nothing!

By now we are very frustrated, not only with the town assessor, town supervisor and the County of Essex. I had contacted anyone that I thought could help, Nothing! This past year with the elections hanging by I mailed letters to every new town board member and the new town supervisor, Nothing!

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