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I never realized that I liked bad boys, but I’ve discovered that in my old age I’m attracted to a couple of swashbuckling cats.

There’s something about Dreamworks’ animated character, Puss in Boots that I can’t resist. He jumps onto the scene, feet first, boots on the ground. With nine lives to spare, he can afford to be daring. His reputation is that of an adventure-loving rebel who fears nothing.

But he’s like no cat I’ve ever known. The anthropomorphic Puss in Boots swaggers around on two feet, wearing a cape and a cavalier’s hat replete with white plume. He wields a sword in his black gloved paws while riding bareback.

He flashes those bright green eyes and meows, with the voice of Antonio Banderas, “You don’t want to make the cat angry.” “Is it hot in here or is it just me?” I begin to purr.

Closer to home, we have the Catseye Pest Control commercial. The jingle, “Catseye for the best of the best to get rid of your pests” is unforgettable. Like Puss in Boots, Catseye has attitude. The face and green eyes are similar, but here the resemblance ends. The pest control cat wields a flashlight and night stick. He’s not nearly as dashing as Puss in Boots.

But if I have a mouse problem, you know who I’ll call.

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