Strange start to race for Congress

Grow up and be transparent. How are you going to help voters in the North Country? Arm your local committee chairs with policy positions instead of tongue-tied gibberish. And then when your candidate is ready to speak, he can put his best foot forward and the press can pepper him with questions based on your local platform, not amateur missteps that we learned how to avoid in our undergrad poly sci courses.

And to the Republicans: We read you loud and clear on your talking points. However, instead of issuing steady streams of fiery rhetoric that much of the public is immune to, anyway — vacuous bleating against Obamacare, liberals and empty appeals to what some may interpret as archaic interpretations of morality — instead show the public that you are engaged, alert and ready to lead by bringing some fresh ideas to the table.

Use the information vacuum on the other side to create valuable public dialogue so voters know what you plan to do to make their lives better and how you plan on ensuring their best interests on the federal level.

All of that being said, the general public appears to dislike Congress, anyway, which makes this all but an exercise in futility.

According to a Gallup poll released March 10, with the election eight months away, 15 percent of Americans approve of the overall job Congress is doing.

This is slightly better than last month’s 12 percent — golly, have a drink on us — but extends a nearly-steady string of sub-20 percent approval ratings for Congress that started in mid-2011.

Hmm. We’re eviscerating a man for diving into a position in which he’ll immediately be thoroughly despised, anyway.

Score one for foresight.

Democratic officials reached out to us on Monday, March 10, to coordinate an open-ended interview with Woolf. We’ll have talked with him by the time you have read this and we’ll have a clearer picture as to who this fellow actually is and what he’s thinking about.

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