InBloom getting info on kids

To the Editor:

North Country parents, do you know that your child is a source of data and dollars? The New York State Education Department will be making available a quantum of information to inBloom to track children with no provision for parents to opt out of this student data system.

New York is the only state that plans to hand over confidential student information to InBloom, which is funded by the Gates Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation. Why do vendors need up to 400 data points about your child?

What information about you and your child will reside in the internet cloud? Student demographic information; early identification of students who may be at risk of not graduating from high school; attendance and behavioral data; state assessment scores; and educational program participation, just to name a few .

Our State Education Portal (engageny.org) repeatedly states that InBloom is prohibited from selling student data for, “anything other than specific educational contracts.” In other words, this data may be sold to, “third-party providers,” who publish Common Core materials that impact your child’s future learning. Although InBloom claims to be nonprofit, the profit motive drives this data collection.

According to InBloom, “Teachers spend more time integrating student data from various sources and less time teaching.” How is that for a solution? Data collection and less teaching time will never lead to lifelong learners who contribute to society and enjoy life, liberty and happiness. The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 26, states that parents have the right to choose the kind of education given to their children. Children should have the protection of the Fourth Amendment to the USA Constitution.

Parents, if you don’t want to share data about your child to inBloom and its, “trusted third-party providers,” contact your local government representatives today.

Jennifer Christiansen


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