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There sure is a lot of conversation about the winter we are having and the price of fuel and electric. We will all be glad to have the warm weather arrive. I hope I will not complain when the temp gets above 80.

Time change on March 9. Spring ahead with your time.

Milena Anne Gibbs arrived Feb. 20 at 9:48 a.m. She weighed 7 pounds 5.7 ounces and was 20 inches long. She is the daughter to Bridgette Rose Schenk and Mitchel Gibbs. Grandparents are Jack and Heather Bacon in Bakers Mills and greatgrandmother is Margaret Schenk of North Creek.

Kora Millington enjoyed giving her father and brother a surprise birthday party recently. Keitan’s birthday was feb 15th and Kraig’s was the 20th. The each had their own cake with candles marking the age.

Emma Parsons is doing some better after a fall but still not feeling like going to church for a couple of weeks.

Earl Allen was able to go to church for the last two Sundays after having to miss several weeks with a bad case of Vertigo.

There was a benefit on Gore March 2 for Pam Montena who is battling cancer.

Flossie Bates had surgery on Friday. The surgeon was able to remove the plaque in her neck. Pray she has a speedy recovery.

Sorry to hear about the death of Dale Warrington. She spent 11 weeks at Albany Medical Hospital and at least 9 surgeries.

So many of us have been praying for Diana Decker for several years as she battled cancer. Her battle ended on Friday. No more pain.

Sharyn Heath died unexpected on Wednesday. She was the widow of Vernon Heath. Funeral will be in Fort Ann on Tuesday.

Also, a sad time to learn about the death of David Monthony. Our thoughts with his family.

Happy Birthday to: Patty Cleveland, T.J. Lawrence, Ethan Carmody, Justin Wilkensen, Jerry Galusha, Valerie Breason, Berniece Conlon, Vivian Kramar, Christopher Persons, Ashley Conlon Smith, Kyle Dunkley, Tim Frank Allen, Duaine Allen, Mary Nevins, Julia Allen, Talia Allen, Chad Lewis, Thomas Schilinski, Jim Cook, Ron Allen Sr, Rusty Heath, Mart G. Howe, James Cook, Eric Millington, Alyssa DeCesarie, Lance Cleveland,

Happy Anniversary to:Lee and Daisy Allen, Vern and Ashley Smith, Fletcher and Berniece Conlon,

Enjoy each and every day.

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