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To the News Enterprise:

I’m not sure to which Letter you refer, Mr Dingman. I sent an email to Dan Alexander giving my thoughts on a mandated minimum wage, but I was not aware that it was published.

I am not defending free-market capitalism in any way. All of the evils that you mention are effects of a heartless, vicious economic system that feeds upon itself and clearly needs to be regulated. Personally, I think the U.S. capitalism system stinks and one of the most important issues of our lifetimes is to devise a system to take its place.

However, I stand by my contention that it is not the job of American business to provide living-wage jobs (or any other non-work related benefits) for employees. A person goes into business to earn money so that he can support himself and his family. I challenge you to walk down Main Street, talk to the owner(s) of every business in your town of North Creek and ask if their goal is to earn a living for themselves, or to provide a living-wage for their employees.

My criticism is that Government treats small businesses as an unlimited source of money there for the plucking. I would much prefer to see minimum wage incomes raised to a liveable wage by direct Government subsidies -- not by mandate -- and thus not burden businesses. The same goes for health insurance: Businesses should not be burdened with mandated health insurance costs that rightfully should be paid by Government.

David Safrany

Half Moon Bay, Calif

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