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To the News Enterprise:

Minerva Central School is a Pre-K thru 12th Grade school that is the heart of the Olmstedville/Minerva Community. On June 17, every member of this community is faced with a decision and choice in the re-vote of the proposed School Budget.

Many that did not attend the Special School Board meeting last week are questioning why they are being asked to reconsider the same budget in a re-vote instead of a reduced budget? The Proposed Budget was the most responsible plan to preserve a quality academic program in the current funding climate without beginning to dismantle our school and displace students, which may be necessary if the revote is unsuccessful.

Our School Board seats are held by dedicated parents, business owners and long-time community members that gave time and careful consideration before putting this budget before the community.

Our town is known for its Irish Pride and recognized for the strong commitment to Community, Families and Children, the longevity of our successful Summer Youth Program, the town celebration of Minerva Day and recognition of outstanding citizens each year are traditions we value.

Our small community is a unique and special place that insulates us from some of the issues and challenges families can face in more densely populated areas, but also requires a little more effort from us to preserve this way of life.

Understand that our School Taxes will not vanish and may increase as long as families and children live in our School District. Maintaining the ability to vote on the decisions in transitioning children to other schools requires a Yes vote.

SOS Minerva is committed to listening to the ideas of all community members, following through with communication and being involved in future plan creation. SOS Minerva asks you to please consider the facts, understand the costs, see the opportunity to work together as a community and make the choice to manage a strategic plan for the future of our children and our community.

Make the choice not to divide our children, vote Yes.

SOS Minerva

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