Against pols stand

To the Times of Ti:

Elise Stefanik’s sales pitch follows the agenda of the Republicans in our Federal government. She boasts about being a close friend and ally of Paul Ryan and touts her desire to repeal the Affordable Care Act or as she puts it “Obama Care.” If repealed it would mean seniors would lose several benefits afforded by the Act. Medicare benefits have been expanded by the ACA saving about $5,000 for drugs over a 10-year period. Almost 8 million seniors have already saved close to 10 billion dollars on prescription drugs alone. The Act made it possible for Medicare beneficiaries to receive many preventive services with no out-of-pocket costs. Flu shots, as well as no-cost screenings for cancer, diabetes and other chronic diseases along with an annual wellness visit are free. 37 million seniors have received at least one of these preventive services with no out-of-pocket costs in 2013. Medicare Part B premiums have been kept at 2013 levels again due to the Affordable Care Act that Elise Stefanik wants to take away from seniors. In 2014, Medicare beneficiaries in the donut hole receive a 52.5 percent discount on brand-name drugs and a 28 percent discount on generic drugs. Seniors who reach the donut hole will save, on average, about $1,265 per beneficiary. I have to ask Ms. Stefanik why she and her fellow Republicans want to take these benefits from seniors who are currently receiving them!

Admittedly there are a few problems with the Act but “Throwing the baby away with the wash water” doesn’t make sense. The benefits outweigh the few problems and they would be easily fixable if Republicans were not hell bent on saying no and came up with a few good ideas! Elise Stefanik is nothing more than a carbon copy of Matt Doheny and every other Republican who have only the business community in mind. Being born and raised in Upstate New York doesn’t mean anything when one is more concerned about business than the man or woman working at Walmart, the lumber mill or any other job. Not only should voters reject Ms. Stefanik but anyone else with her thinking. We have had enough of those who think the middle class is ignorant to what is happening in Washington. Before voting ask yourself what will you do if the Affordable Care Act is repealed? Your drug cost, Part B premiums, co-pays and quality of care will all suffer.

Gary P. Guido


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