Options for safety

To the Adirondack Journal:

Resource officers a price the county and schools can’t afford! This is total b.s.! The national rifle association will train qualified citizens free of charge to be armed guards. Everyone included will donate their time free of charge. How can any school district say they can’t afford it, when it is free! Essex County doesn’t think their students are worth $72,000 to protect. You people need some mental health screening. I quote from your article “Sheriff Cutting’s request comes without a stitch of anecdotal or statistical information from the past satisfying the need for these officers.”

Channel 10 News stated, “74 school shootings since Connecticut Sandy Hook.”

People that is 74 times! The idiot (you wouldn’t print what I really think) we have our fearless leader in Washington doesn’t know what to do. Well for a start, repeal the gun free school act. It doesn’t work. Repeat after me “It doesn’t work.” If it did there wouldn’t be 74 more school shootings. Jr. Cuomo’s New York State Act. What does it do? Makes it harder on the police and easier on the dirt bag baby killers. Are you going to protect the children or become baby killers by proxy.

George Phillips


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