Fort Ticonderoga flexes economic muscle

Beth Hill announces the findings of an economic impact study of Fort Ticonderoga July 1.

Beth Hill announces the findings of an economic impact study of Fort Ticonderoga July 1. Photo by Keith Lobdell.

— There are almost nine million reasons this region should love Fort Ticonderoga.

The stats

• Fort Ticonderoga generated almost $9 million in economic impact in 2013.

• 66,000 guests visited the Fort in 2013.

• 85 percent of visitors said Fort Ticonderoga was their primary reason for visiting the area.

• 75 percent of guests were visiting the Fort for the first time in 2013.

• 54 percent of visitors spent at least one night in regional commercial lodging; 24 percent of visitors staying at least one night did so in Ticonderoga lodging. The average stay by guests in lodging is two nights.

• Total spending per guest associated with a visit to Fort Ticonderoga is $75.02, led by food and beverage (34%), lodging (29%), gas and auto (16%), retail (14%) and entertainment (8%).

• Fort Ticonderoga generates $782,758 in state and local tax revenue and $545,273 federal tax revenue.

• Fort Ticonderoga economic impact reduces the tax burden for local households in Essex County by $47.69.

• Fort Ticonderoga generates 120 jobs regionally, 80 of which depend directly on the fort.

• Fort Ticonderoga generates $3.7 million in labor income.

At a special press conference July 1, President and CEO Beth Hill announced the historic site brings in almost $9 million annually in economic impact, factoring in visitor spending from tourists; spending by Fort Ticonderoga in its daily operations; the indirect and induced impacts created by labor income as it flows into the regional economy; and tax revenue generated by that spending.

“This report quantifies what we already know to be true,” said Hill. “Fort Ticonderoga’s iconic story and mission of education and preservation translate into real and substantial economic impact confirming Fort Ticonderoga’s place in the present and more importantly, in the region’s economic future. Fort Ticonderoga is a major statewide and regional asset with major plans for the years ahead. If the trends continue, we anticipate a larger impact in the future.”

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