George Moore responds

To the Editor:

I have a few thoughts that I would like to share with Dan Snyder, Doreen Ossenkop and Dave Tart, three residents of North Hudson that don’t know me as shown in the June 28 article in the Valley News.

I own 50 pieces of property in the Keeseville/Peru area. I would be pleased to have you come and see how well our properties are maintained. I have a full-time repair and renovation crew which my grandson, Troy and I meet with every morning. I am on top of things and know what each man is doing each day. When I am no longer able to direct the men, Troy will be ready to take over.

My daughter, Carolyn, and my two grandsons, Tanner and Troy have already taken over a large part of the scrap metal business and are ready to carry it on in their own name and with their own ideas. My main function now as a businessman is to give them as much of my knowledge and experience as I can.

When I was 16, I quit school in my senior year (it was during the war) and went to Cleveland, Ohio to work in a rayon plant. At 17 I went to Providence, Rhode Island where I was trained to be – and still am- a certified welder. I welded on the Kaiser Liberty ships. At 18 I went into basic training in Georgia then in the Occupation Army in Germany. When I came back from the Army I started in business. It was 1947 and I was 20 years old.

For the first 20 years of my working career I worked as a structural union iron worker/welder and then purchased ash logs to go to Canada for hockey sticks. A lot my ash log suppliers were from Willsboro, Westport, Ticonderoga and North Hudson. There was a lot of ash timber in that area both on the NY side and on the Vermont side of Lake Champlain. I dealt with the Caza family buying timber from them and selling them parts and other supplies they needed.

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