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This week I am turning over my space to a well written column by Robert Morrison, who is a senior fellow at the Family Research Council. As we celebrate our independence this weekend I felt his editorial was a good reminder to us all, that those who serve our cause best, recognize the enormous task and do so always with the best interest of her people at heart.

The president proclaimed June a month of pride. He has said: So let it be written; so let it be done. But it is also, unavoidably, a month of pain. No one came to office with more accolades, more laurels than Barack Obama did. He was hailed as being above the ken of mortal men. His campaign team referred to him, not without irony, as “Black Jesus.”

Respected presidential historian  Michael Beschloss described him as the smartest man ever to enter the White House. The ever-hip New Yorker magazine portrayed him as the Father of Our Country, George Washington, only cooler. Five years ago, at Normandy, he was lauded as “hovering over the nations like a sort of god.” That was Newsweek editor Evan Thomas’s glowing assessment of the new leader’s D-Day commemoration.

It is painful to recall those halcyon days. It might not be impertinent to ask Evan Thomas to recall for us a single word uttered by his hovering god at Normandy in 2009. Or in 2014. In this era of 24/7 cable coverage, the president’s “selfie” at the Mandela funeral and his chewing gum at the 70th anniversary of D-Day seem to be what people remember, if they remember anything of this once promising young commander-in-chief.

Media big Barbara Walters spoke with a certain world-weary treatises when she sighed:  “We thought he was going to be (I shouldn’t say this at Christmas-time) the next Messiah.” Even Chris Matthews no longer speaks of that tingling sensation going up and down his leg when Mr. Obama speaks.

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