Style & Substance: on the preparation of job applicants

Our advice: any future advertisements should include your expectations for an employee. You do not need to be overly prescriptive, a simple line or two, such as, ‘polished, professional, articulate individual with excellent writing and communication skills’, or more subtly, ‘be prepared to interview’.

If you are requesting an “apply in person” response, have an instruction page on top of the application. You or your first point of contact can briefly explain that this is part of your screening process. It can start with required dress/grooming code and that filling out the application neatly and accurately will determine the next step in the interview process. If they have met those two requirements upon application submission, they proceed to step 2. At this time, another explanation of the pending interview process can be issued. This requires time up front on your part, but it will actually make the process easier and more efficient. The interview explanation can let them know time frames, who and how many people they may interview with, a point of contact and whether or not phone calls are welcome, and a list of what they are being considered on: professional/job appropriate appearance, knowledge of the business, current skills and experience, trainability, communication….

This also helps you and your management team to clarify what it is you are actually looking for and shows potential employees your style of management; that you are upfront and clear in expectations.

“ I simply believe it is common decency to be presentable.”

— Elizabeth Wurtzel

If you are working hard to keep yourself and your business “presentable”, your example and setting an expectation will keep it going in a positive direction!

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